Animation or VFX which course is better for a bright future in 2019

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The comparison between academics has always been considered a healthy fight. It keeps students and people at high positions on their feet and enables them to work better always.

The world of multimedia is not far apart from the tangles of competition and healthy comparisons. The two most prolific industries of multimedia and entertainment are animation and VFX. 2018 was a year that gave rest to the orthodox beliefs of many animation and visual effects myths.

The rise in the growth potential of both sectors was measured to be more than 43% as an estimate. Such a sporadic consistent increase in the revenue generation indicated tremendous potential. With the stagnant structure of academics in India, multimedia performing so well is a definite indicator of a brighter future. Production studios are consistently hiring talented artists in either field. Although their work might be different on the technical front; but having a skilled educational degree in either of them will account for major success.

A genuine comparison between animation and VFX

Animation & vfx
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When you hunt for an animation institute in Kolkata; it is pretty significant that they will also be offering visual effects courses along with it. It is pretty common for students to face a dilemma between both the courses at first. But we will let you have an honest look at both the disciplines without any bias.

The structure of VFX course fees in Kolkata might differ to some extent but that does not make much of a difference with the actual potential and prospect aligning the disciplines.

3D animators are required not only by film studios but also by production houses, design companies and also numerous other fields. It is a major scope of the educational field as well. For e-learning and other educational activities such as medical videos, engineering models and educational material requires animators as well. So the leaning of animators expands beyond just films and cartoons.

Animation vfx
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Let’s talk about VFX now. VFX is artificial imagery which is used to add things in a shot which are impossible to be done in real life. Alien invasion, flying superheroes, buildings collapsing, fire, universe shot scenes are done all with visual effects. It is a mandatory department in any film studio or film’s post-production. No film which is made in today’s day and age can be completed with a certain level of visual effects. Just try taking a look at some of your favorite movies and their behind the scenes. It will shock you to find out how much of the work was hardcore manipulative.

This tells us that the scope of the VFX industry is omnipresent.

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Coming back to animation, it has generated a high amount of revenue over the past decade considering how much people were dependent upon it with its content. The consumers are highly appreciative of animated movies and TV shows these days. It has seen a drastic change accompanied by technology.

People have more than just cartoon channels now to view their content. With the rise of platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, VootHotstar and etc; it has become easier on the hand of both audiences and also the creators to present their content.

How to choose between both the disciplines?

Honestly, since we have just seen a genuine comparison between the both you have got an idea about the prospects available. With a B.Sc degree in Animation and Multimedia, you can achieve a proper MAKAUT (WBUT) assigned degree which will give you immense reputation and job offers. On the other hand, after completing a course in visual effects you will have openings available literally everywhere. Computers are not going to extinguish anytime soon and neither is your scope towards this field.

You can attend a counseling session to find out more about the subjects and choose the one you resonate more with. The decision will ultimately be yours. However, you can rest assured that no matter which one you select, the future is shining brightly in both of these.

One thought on “Animation or VFX which course is better for a bright future in 2019

  1. As much as I like the genuine description of the VFX and animation, I will disagree. As a professional editor I find comparisons beneath the integrity of any craft. Let all the different crafts be as they are. When it comes to picking a career one should rely on their interests and not look for prospects and compare the courses.


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