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5 basic principles you must know about 3D animation courses

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3D animation courses are the demand of the hour. 3D animators are required and demanded in almost all the sectors of the media industry. Here are 5 basic principles that one must know about 3D animation course.

  1. Need to know drawing

No one expects you to be Picasso or Van Gogh but certainly a knack for drawing is necessary. 3D animation would require you to have knowledge of texturing, color, lighting and designing. All these skills do require one to have an idea of drawing.


  1. Curriculum

Don’t hop into an animation institute without taking a look at the curriculum. The course that you will be pursuing needs to be industry oriented. An industry specific course is very important for performing well in the professional sector.

Make it a point to enquire about the course topics prior to joining.


  1. Find your drive

As the course comes to an end it will be expected of you to choose a field of specialization which you would make your profession. For that you must find your key specialization. So, whilst you are learning the course keep hunting for your drive and make that your profession.


  1. Body mechanics

To become a 3D animator you need to know how body mechanics function. In order to create believable animation, you need to understand how the human body moves, as well as how animals move.


  1. Hard work is the key

Animation is not something you can learn overnight. The key to create better and to succeed is practice. Keep working on different projects all the time. Animation is an art of designing and it will only get better with lots of practice and patience.


Animation courses are the most lucrative career option at the moment. Hi-Tech Animation institute in Kolkata is surprisingly fulfilling all the above mentioned criteria along with an added benefit. We are the only animation institute in India with a production studio of its own. Learning at Hi-Tech will enrich you with a very professional approach making you an expert.


Do you know the current scope of animation in India?

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The growing world of digital media is extremely rapid. The animation industry is the spinal cord of the entire multimedia and entertainment industry. One might think that since it is not a conventional stream it might offer less scope.

If you just look at yourself you will find that you are surrounded by animation. The animation is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. India is very welcoming towards the digital platform. An animation is a glue that holds all of them together. From cartoon channels to movies to news channels; nothing is deprived of animation.

The success of films like Life of Pi, Bajirao Mastani, Avatar and Chota Bheem speak for the glory that this field has to offer. The scope of an animation course is so expansive that you have no idea. It is one such profession that has job openings in every possible sector. No matter what the situation is it will always require animators.

Do not think that if it is not an animated film you will not require animators. In order to design the posters, banners, ad campaigns and many other things one does require animators. Be it IT, digital marketing, medical science, engineering or even corporate; animation creators are in demand in all these sectors as well.

A very huge number of production studios are also outsourcing employment opportunities in India. Pursuing an animation course in India would be definitely the best thing that you would be undertaking. It will be one of the best decisions that you take. Animation courses offer you a huge potent for achieving great things in future.

In addition to this, you must get that as time goes by your progress is evitable. New things and developments are springing out every now and then. This ensures that you will get a very prosperous outlook on your career. It is advised that you start looking for animation classes in Kolkata for the beginning of your creative career.

The animation industry in India is worth multi-billions and it is your turn to go ahead and be a part of it.

Perks of animation over other courses

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Why animation is a good career?

Growing up the only career options that have been told well to us are medical and engineering. It might even have been true thirty or forty years back but as we step into 2018 this scenario is not the same anymore. We are no longer using the old version of Facebook then how is it possible for the academic structure to be stagnant?

Technology and internet is what combines our lives these days. Media and animation are the most important factors that engross these. The scope of multimedia is not just another side option but a very progressive idea as well.

Prospects of animation course

More than half of pass out engineers from government and private colleges struggle to get a satiable job. A lot of them don’t even land with jobs after passing out. If you have living under the false hope that pursuing engineering for four long years will at least pay with a good package then you are very wrong.

The condition is completely different in the field of animation. Any multimedia course won’t be stretching for more than 12 to 18 months and guarantee you 100% placement assistance at the end as well.

The animation industry showed a robust growth over the last few years and it cannot go back. Mankind is certainly not abandoning technology and going back to Stone Age. Hence, the potent and prospect of an animation course is humongous.

Saves you time

As mentioned earlier it is no 4 or 5 years of rigorous course. An animation course definitely saves you time with better jobs lined ahead. It is your turn to give the thought logic. Why would you want to want to waste more time and not land with your dream job?

You wouldn’t, right! Choose your dream career by enrolling in an animation course in Kolkata right now.


See with every course you are limited to work within a certain sector or a certain field but with an animation course you have the freedom to work anywhere you want. Animators are in demand literally in every sector. Name a sector and you will find that animators work there.

Opportunity to learn and innovate

Do you wish to do something creative for your daily life? Well, then animation is the best option for you my friend. Well, as an animator there is always something or the other new that you will be working upon. Your horizon to expand and learn is limitless. Since its technology always new things will be coming up and that simply means that your opportunity to improve will be always there.

Do you know these amazing things about “Paddington- The Bear “?

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BBC’s Children in need medley introduced the millennials to Paddington-The bear. The quirky and adorable bear was illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and featured by Michael Bond in more than one hundred and fifty books. Paddington is a warm and polite bear who addresses people as Mr. and Mrs.

However, as friendly as the bear is there are a certain number of things that you might not know about this English bear. To begin from the start Paddington was written by BBC cameraman Michael Bond who bought a toy brown bear for his wife. This purchase inspired him to write children illustrated stories which became very popular among the kids.

The book later became a 1970s famous TV animation show. Later a lot of episodes were made following this. The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1997) was one of the most hit series that had happened in a long time.

It won’t be wrong to say that there is no bear more famous than the Paddington Bear. A lot of people don’t know this but The Paddington Bear is definitely a matter of imagination in the heads of Peggy and Michael Bond.  They had a say in the animated form as well.

Although very successful now when the digitized versions first appear it didn’t quite create the stir. It took some time for the people to adapt to Paddington Bear’s animated version.

As per the story the bear was found in the Paddington station and that is from where it gets its first name. Stores in Paddington station sell stuff bear toys too. For people who grew up in Britain it is a matter of childhood tale that everyone is familiar with.

A lot of animation training institute also use the animation of Paddington Bear to explain certain skills and techniques that are very essential to master animation. Animation training institutes in Kolkata also use the Paddington Bear as an example of how simple characters like stuff toys can make for superb cartoons.

There are ample number of animation courses in Kolkata that you can choose from and make your way into the world of films and television.

Did you know? The concept of animated film “COCO” is based on a Mexican Holiday

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You know how we talk about art and cinema being such a strong medium which erases all differences. In an age where the President of United States talks about deporting all Mexican people; in an age where President Trump acknowledges people of a certain heritage enemy; in such a time of divide came the animated film ‘Coco’.

This musical film was a collaboration of Pixar and Disney. Lee Unkrich, the director of this film developed the idea from a Mexican holiday. The day of the dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that is very religiously preached by the Mexicans and even those people of Mexican heritage living in the United States.

On this day as per mythology, they pay respect to the spiritual journey of those who have passed away. The dead people are paid tribute by their loved ones and by their family and friends. This day is a public holiday in Mexico. This movie has many positive responses by people across the globe. People stood in solidarity with the hard working and efficient Mexicans who were to be deported from USA for no reason at all.

Lee Unkrich with some of the other members of the production visited Mexico for inspiration. Talking about the animation of this film it is an absolute delight to watch it. This rebel film was nominated for the Golden globes and also backed two other awards for best film.

Coco is a very courageous film that is unafraid to show aspects of the Mexican traditions. This film reflects on the culture just the way it is and goes ahead to keep it unaltered. On the other hand it further adds for the experiences that the team had on their trip to Mexico.

It is a very simple, subtle, honest and transparent envision of the Mexican culture and a path breaker in destroying stereotypes that people have built over the years about Mexico.

When you watch this film the set of amazing characters also make you want to be able to design characters of your own. Join the best animation institute in Kolkata to learn from the top artists and get the top class training in this field. Then you will be able to create characters of your choice and straight out of your imagination by just training in an animation academy in Kolkata.

Amazing facts about the animation career that will keep you up at night

Did you know that Walt Disney was awarded the honorary Oscar for Snow White and the seven dwarfs? But these are not the kind of facts that we will be dealing with in this article. To begin with an animator creates a series of images and pictures which later is seen in movies and cartoons. An animator specializes with a particular field and software. That is something one becomes particular with in the process of learning.

Some go for storyboarding, sketching, visualizing, rigging and there are other faculties as well. Although, there are certain unknown interesting facts about animation as well.

Could buy you a Ferrari someday

animation job in kolkata

This is not an exaggeration. The animation industry was seen to have an estimated worth of USD 244 billion. In the last decade it has not seen any down low. A career in animation is your highway to success. You can very well progress with time given that your skills improve. It might take time but f you are passionate about something then nothing can stop you from attaining success in animation.

Bring imagination to life

In which other job can you possibly think of bringing your imagination to reality? It is true in this profession. As an animator you get to bring your imaginary world and characters to real life with your talent.

Creative freedom

An animation career might not promise you the Empire states building but it does promise you 100% creative freedom. How often do you hear people in IT saying that they have creative freedom? It is true that you will sometimes have to work as per client’s choice but the creative freedom that you receive is all yours.

Many career options

If you are by any chance under the impression that animation jobs can only land you in cartoons and films then you are wrong. It is true that the highest ROI that animation industry receives is from entertainment sector but you can seek jobs in medical, learning, IT and so many other places as well if you want to.

Kolkata is the creative abode and seeking an animation job in Kolkata is no toughie at all. The wide arena of animation will make you want to become a movie editor in Kolkata right away.

Unexpected fields where animators can become more successful

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“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination can take you everywhere.”

Animation is art of creative minds and a profession of success in 21st century. Gone are the days when you would have to think twice before pursuing animation as your career. An animator upholds great significance and value in numerous job fields other than multimedia.

In the world of digital media and illustrations the animators are domination the job market. With advancement in software technologies larger number of companies value and recognize the skills of an animator. Now, the traditional notion will make you believe that animation creators wind up with a job in cartoon making or film industries only. It is definitely true that they have huge demand in those areas but that doesn’t mean that animators don’t get successful anywhere else.

The animation industry operates in many sectors some of which include web designing, gaming, medical science, engineering, IT, journalism and even e-learning. These unconventional sectors also recruit animators. Animators earn a very decent and high paying salary in these fields too. As their experience keeps on increasing, so does the numbers on their paychecks.

You might not know but medical institutes need animators to design animated explanations of certain theories and concepts. Similarly, in the field of engineering animators are a must to design the 3D digital representations that the company needs. It is impossible for any industry to reach out to people without animation. Even beauty products and service oriented brands require good and talented animators to design their content.

You will remain bedazzled to know that animation has the capacity to take you anywhere and everywhere you have desired to be. Sky is the limit. The only thing that you need to worry about is your drive and hunger for success. Animation is a requirement everywhere and until and unless you are aspiring to be great nothing can stop you. Right from IT office to big silver screens animation jobs are hovering everywhere.

There is no as such restriction that you “have to” work at a certain place to be successful at animation. You can be anywhere you want and earn a good position for yourself. Animation is still relatively a new industry and it is ok to have certain doubts regarding it. We are here to tell you that you can eradicate all that from your head and drive for a better tomorrow. If you still have any kinds of doubts then feel free to write to us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Not just animation but the scope of VFX courses in India is huge as well. If you are looking for the best animation or the Best web design course in Kolkata then join Hi-Tech Animation right away. We provide the best courses with 100% placement facility.