Hi-Tech Animation Hero: Indradip Chakraborty

Hitech hero indradip

Indradip joined Hi-Tech Animation training institute as a student of 3D animation in 2017. After successfully completing his course in 2018, he has joined Hi-Tech Animation production house as an intern.

We asked Indradip the Hi-Tech Hero question – how has Hi-Tech Animation been an inspiration in your life?

Life before Hi-Tech Animation –

I have always been curious about the field of animation. In fact, even in my school days, I used to look up YouTube videos on how to make a Demo Reel.

At around the time when I was asking around in my circle of friends about good animation training courses in Kolkata, I came across an ad of Hi-Tech Animation on Facebook. I visited the institute in person & was so impressed after interacting with the faculty & staff that I did not visit any other institute.

Life at Hi-Tech Animation –

The faculty was extremely nice. In addition to being knowledgeable, they were also very good people who readily helped us out with our problems.

Every single one of us in our batch as students became very good friends with each other. That just made the learning all the more pleasurable.

The practical classes really helped. It built our self-confidence and provided us with the conviction to tackle difficult projects head-on.

Life right now –

It’s very, very early days for me as an intern. Honestly, I am not trying to think too much about it & just trying to have fun. My manager keeps reassuring me that I am one of the lucky ones since I get to pursue in life a vocation that I personally enjoy. I receive a lot of motivation and support from my boss & that makes a huge difference.

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