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Top 3 animation movies costliest animated movies ever

We aren’t unaware of the humongous expenditure that goes into making a single film. Hollywood films are made under huge budgets of hundreds and thousands million dollars. But did you know that animated movies are no piece of cake either. Animated films require huge manpower and resources which cost heavily. The number of artists who are employed and work tirelessly on a film are no less.

These are top 3 films which costed a fortune to come alive:-


animation movie

The film had an estimated budget of 260 million USD. Circling the classic story of Rapunzel this film had an excellent animation quality. It is a lesser known fact that making an animation movie costs so much partly because studios need to pay the hundreds of people who work on a particular film. Right from storyboarding, art direction, sketching, digital animation etc. it takes a village to complete an animation film.

Toy story 3

animation movie

One of the keys to success is improvement with time. Now the third sequel had to break the glass ceiling and doing something out of the box. This film inspired animation classes all across the world to teach students the production value. Animation classes in Kolkata started focusing more on the   production knowledge of its students so as to make them understand how vast animation can be. This film had an astounding budget of 200 million USD.

Cars 2

animation movie

This 2011 released film too had a very large budget of 200 million USD. What is animation if not inanimate objects talking? After watching Cars 2 even you will start hunting for animation courses in Kolkata. The worldwide earning of this film was almost double of what was invested.


Top 3 job opportunities for an animator

Animators create films for production companies, major animation studios and computer games companies. Typical responsibilities of the job include: working creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing designs and solutions, using specialist computer generation software such as Maya, Flash and After Effects, presenting designs to customers for evaluation, promoting and running the business. Here are top 3 job opportunities that you will receive after you learn animation.

  1. 3D modelers

3D modelers create characters and environments for video games and 3D movies as well as images and modeling for websites, graphic designs, animation, film effects, simulations, broadcast design, special effects, characters and props for film, television effects, CD-Rom design, and location-based entertainment. These multi-talented professionals also create images/models for geologists, architects, scientists, engineers, healthcare agencies, and more.

  1. Art Director

Art directors develop design concepts and review material that will appear in digital media, newspapers, advertisements, books, magazines, and more. They control the overall visual direction of a project in industries from advertising and public relations to web design. Art direction requires years of experience, advanced technical skills, and advanced knowledge in the areas of art and management.


  1. Character Animator

Character animators create and design characters using animation software, 3D modeling, 2D animations, and even puppetry. These creative professionals develop characters that use movement to tell a story, whether it’s for film, television, video games or mobile applications.


If you wish to enter into the creative world of animation and work into these highly influential jobs then it is suggested that you start looking for animation courses that suit your requirements. Kolkata is the creative capital of India and you can very easily find an animation institute that will fulfill your requirements.

Behind The Screen Story Of The Movie WALL-E


WALL-E was released on 27th June, 2008. This American animated sci-fi movie was directed by Andrew Stanton. This Pixar’s production is one of the most popular films in the animation genre, which received appreciation both critically and commercially and grossed 533.3 million dollars. This movie has also won the 2008 Golden Globe Award for the Best Animated Feature Film, the Saturn Award for the Best Animated Film and Academy Award for the Best Animated Feature.


The story is set in the year 2805. The humans have left the earth because of waste materials and garbage produced by the products of multinational company Buy-N-Large Corporation. WALL-E is the only robot, who has been left behind to clean up the waste and mountains of garbage. He with his friend Hal (a cockroach) starts the mission and meet another beautiful robot sent from the space named, EVE.  WALL-E fall in love with EVE and protects her from sandstorms and other dangerous situations. Meanwhile, WALL-E finds a living plant on earth and their journey continues with the aim of bringing back the humans on earth.


WALL-E is the ninth movie by the Pixar Animation Studios. The animators wanted to create a robot in a more mechanical way in order to give it a human touch. At the same time, the experts had decided to create a robot in which the audiences can feel for it as if it was a human. For that, they visited many places of recycling machinery station and even NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to study robots. WALL-E eyes were inspired by the binocular. The animators didn’t create a mouth, elbows, nose and other body parts to the robots to make them look more machine like.The animators and the makers of this 3D animation movie watched a Keaton and Charlie Chaplin film everyday for a year, to analyze how to create emotions in robots with expressions. The director, Stanton wanted to make the lighting look real, because he had watched Pixar’s last movie, Finding Nemo, where all the underwater scenes and lighting parts looked perfect and real on the screen. For WALL-E, Stanton wanted the perfect lighting for the air and Pixar did it the way he wanted to.

From the sound, story to animation techniques, this movie had all the ingredients of a classic. It topped the list of Time’s Best Movies of the Decade. 3D animation has become one of the most important parts of the entertainment industry. You can also be the part of this current hot career. Come and start your journey as a 3D animator by choosing a 3D animation course in Kolkata.