What is the role of film editor in film making?

Film Editing

They say it takes a village to bring a film to life. Right from writing the script to finally releasing the film after promotions; it is one hell of a process. There is no single person who walks away home with all the credit. It is teamwork and collaborative effort on behalf of all the people who contributed their blood, sweat and tears to the film.

The number of digital artists to thanks is countless. However, there is one person who has a very major part in the entire film making process but not a lot of people know about it. That person is the film editor.

What does the film editor do?

A film editor is like the unsung hero of the film. He is responsible for looking through all the raw footages which were shot and then assemble them in a fully fledged film. The film editor has to sit with the director and place all the shots in correct order so as that the film makes ample amount of sense. After all it is the director’s vision to present the film to the audience.

The editor has an equivalent say of how to edit what shot in the film. The editor’s work requires a lot of patience and wise potent at the same time. The amount of effort that goes from the editor’s behalf is similar to that of what goes from the other cast and crew. He has to time and again keep working on the same footage for hours and sometimes even days.

It takes around a month to edit the entire film. Every job comes with its challenges and so does video editing but that is the fun part o it. What is the fun if you do not get to skip a couple of hurdles? Despite all the challenges it is a fun job to be part of. A film editor has huge scope in terms of his career graph. There is always scope to learn more and achieve more.

Editors can find work in numerous other sectors other than films. They can work for advertisements, news channels, online marketing, studies, production houses, Youtubers, freelance and etc. Once you learn film editing from a reputed institute then the career options would widen up for you automatically. Keep innovating and practicing. There is humongous scope for you to learn and achieve.

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