3 Animated movie sequels we are waiting for

Animated movies have a magic of their own. We can never seem to get enough of it. While Disney has announced the sequel for much awaited film Frozen; there are so many more movies we want to watch a sequel of. It took Finding Nemo thirteen long years to finally release a sequel. If you think about it more than often sequels collect greater box office collections.

As fans of animation movies we can always hope for new sequels to come. Imagination is an essential part of the entire animation learning process. Didn’t you learn that in an Animation Academy?

Here are three movies that we would absolutely love to have a sequel.

  • Minions 2

The first time we got introduced to Minions was in Despicable Me movie franchise. But people fell so much in love with these characters that a whole another movie had to be made. Minions traced the origin of minions, how they came to life and their hysterical journey ever since. Although, wouldn’t it be amazing to watch a sequel of this film. It could be based on any particular story. As long as it’s our favorite yellow creatures talking absolutely gibberish and have fun. Minions can literally make anything seem funnier than it already is.

  • Sherlock Gnomes 2

The witty and funny Sherlock Gnomes can apparently solve everything. Aren’t you all curious to watch a sequel of this film? Soon after its release the film’s animation graphics were appreciated to a great extent. Even the students learning in animation institute in Kolkata started practicing the animation techniques of this film. Very unique techniques were used in modeling the characters of this film. We would love to watch Sherlock Gnomes solve more cases and entertain us. Let us hope for the best and keep our eyes on the press releases.

  • The Lego Movie 2

When asked animation students what is their definition of best animation course — they said that if the course could teach them how to design characters like the Lego movie. It is not just animation students who are at a jaw dropping awe about the film. The Lego movie was one of the most entertaining animated movies ever. After playing with legos our entire lives who could resist a 3D movie on the same. A sequel would simply rock our worlds.

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