Reasons why animated movies budget are so expensive?

animated Movies

What comes to your mind when I say big budget movie? An over the top star cast, exotic locations and a lineup of too many different elements. Is that all? Then why is it that animated movies take so much money to make. Good animated films cross a hundred million dollar budget. If you look at animation courses from top animation college then their courses focus on teaching the students specific industry job profiles. At a point in the course you will be focusing and learning your specialized field.

This is because of the vast nature of animation itself. Animation is a very progressive and wide subject. Here are some of the job portfolios one can opt for after learning multimedia courses:

  • 3D Animator
  • 2D Animator
  • Animation editor
  • Special effects advisor
  • Art director
  • 3D modeling artist
  • Rigging artist
  • Animation specialist
  • Storyboard artist and etc

This gives you an overview of how many different departments there are when you make an animation movie. Another thing is that with animated films you have to design and work on every single movement of the characters. Animated movies also have to pay to the actors who voice on behalf of the characters. Hiring animators and paying them all with a good salary also adds up to the budget. Animated films are known to pay a very good amount of money to all the artists involved. The demand of animators is growing every other day.

If you check out 3D Animation course details then it would come clear to you that there is so much work that goes into making an animated film look the way that it is. Animation is a very technical craft. With technological advances and greater strides in innovation; animation progress is a must. As animation keeps on growing and reaching new heights we witness more people taking an interest for it.

Animated movie are also very expensive to make because the cost of all the machines and software add up to a lot. The entire amount which is dedicated to making an animated film has the greatest share for all the technical things. There are so many layers of approval that one has to go through in order to make the animated film a success.

Animation is a creative force with ton of fun and creativity. If you take up a career in the field of animation then there is a whole world of fun that will entangle you.


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