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Why Multimedia Course Is Good For Your Career


Multimedia artists use technology to create designs and special effects for electronic media. These professionals usually earn bachelor’s degrees to acquire essential technological skills and develop an artistic eye for detail. Such degree programs lead to awards in a range of related disciplines, such as illustration, graphic design or computer animation. Industries that employ multimedia specialists include motion pictures, advertising, computer systems design and software design companies. A  multimedia artist and animator creates and tests designs visual and special effects, using computers or other electronic tools for animation in video games, movies, commercials, music videos, or other media. These animators are up-to-date in the latest technology and will design, develop, test, and create new applications to their job with their knowledge and ability in the use of computer systems, programs, animations, or modeling.


A multimedia course will open the doors of opportunities and career prospects for you tremendously. A multimedia artist and animator usually need a bachelor’s degree in art or a related field. They would need to have strong technical skills for this job and an employer usually wants several years of experience in a similar background. In order to be competitive in this market one should have an impressive portfolio with their best work in graphics, art and any achievement that would apply to this job.


Multimedia artists use their artistic skills and computer training to develop two- and three-dimensional images that can be used for films, television shows, video games or other visual media. As their careers progress, they need to maintain and update their portfolios accordingly, showcasing their skill with traditional technologies and the latest multimedia creation tools. The world is getting transformed into a global village multimedia has huge scope in terms of employment and job opportunities. Also, multimedia courses have a lot of teaching scopes as well. Multimedia is taught at the very basic level in schools as well.

The top 3 multimedia courses in Kolkata are provided by Hi-Tech animation, Arena animation and MAAC respectively. The multimedia course in Kolkata is of excellent level as it has produced tons of professionally skilled multimedia artists and skilled professionals. In addition to this the wide array of this particular field has been prominent in today’s day and age. It’s more than assured than the value and growth of this industry will continue to elevate with each passing day.


What You Can Learn About Multimedia From The Game Prince Of Persia


Prince of Persia is one of the famous and successful games created by Jordan Mechaner. The first two parts of the original trilogy of this game were developed and published by Broderbund. The third part was developed by Red Orb Entertainment and published by Learning Company.It was released on the 3rd October, 1989. There are a lot of things, which can be useful for the multimedia students to learn about how to develop a good video game.

Creation of the protagonist: After the success of his previous game with Broderbund`s Karateka, Jordan Mechaner had started creating Prince of Persia. He took the idea for the creation of the protagonist from various sources like, The Adventures of Robin hood, the Arabian Night Stories and Raiders of the Lost Ark. In fact, Mechaner used the look of his brother as a model for the creation of the prince and used the animation technique “Rotoscope”.


Different techniques used in developing the game: Apart from the first two parts of the original trilogy, the third part was created in 3D and was only compatible with the PC. This limitation was criticized by many fans, which led to huge loss to the company and the assets of this game were sold to the new company called Ubisoft. This company also took Mechaner and they started a new franchise with a new name, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”.


Though, this new version was different from the previous one, because the makers of this game along with Mechaner focussed on the action-adventure genre, but it became a huge hit. Mechaner didn’t participate in the second part, “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within” of this trilogy and left it, saying that, the game is too dark, full of violation and unappealing, but the sales remained the same. It led to the making of the third part, in which the creators attempted to balance the lighter and the animation tone of the first part, and the violation and the darker side of the second part. These games were compatible with sixth-generation video game console, Microsoft Windows. Later, it was released for Play Station 2 and 3.

If you think that your imagination can create such extraordinary things and your mind can think out of the box, then nothing can stop you from building your own video game. All you need to do is enrol in a multimedia course in kolkata from a reputed institute.

Multimedia Story Of Animated Series Transformers


The Transformers is the first animated series of the famous Transformer franchise. It was a huge success, when it released in 1984. It is a story of a war between two alien groups who are fighting among themselves. The future of the planet Earth hangs on the outcome of the fight. It was recorded in the USA and animated in Japan and South Korea.

The story begins when the Autobots and the Decepticons land on the earth during the Cybertronian war. They are revived after some geological happenings and the struggle continues on the earth as well. The Decepticons are the evil group who wants to erase all of the earth`s resources. They are doing it in order to find an alternative energy source for their own lost and destroyed planet. During their fight on the earth, the Autobots get into a friendly relation with the native people. They are the noble guys who don’t want to harm the earth`s population. The Decepticons on the other hand, are intent on fulfilling their plans by any means. They in the process kill and destroy earth`s people and its natural process. All of the Autobots develop a special bond with a boy on the earth. He helps them in fighting the aliens.


The cartoon series was inspired from a Japanese toy line Microman.  It was quite difficult to make the animated characters for this series. It had vehicles which could turn into human or sometimes into different other vehicles. The fight between the two factions was the toughest part to create as the fight had to look authentic and not shabby. With the help of multimedia techniques, it was possible to make this awesome animated series. There has been an increase in demand for multimedia courses in Kolkata.


Shohei Kohara, a Japanese designer created the models for the characters involved in the series. This cartoon was developed along with the comic strip of the story between 1984 and 1991. The story line of both parts is somehow different. The animation technique used in making this highly popular animated series was quite advanced. It not only made the series a huge hit, but it also resulted in making of a movie between the seasons. It was quite tough to design both the alien groups, as they both had to look different, but at the same time, they both should look from the same planet.

If you are also amazed by the animation work and want to be a part of it, then look for a good animation institute.

Multimedia Story Of Indian Animated Series Mighty Raju


Mighty Raju is an Indian superhero animated series, which is quite famous among the children. He is a 4 year old kid who has super powers, which is quite unique for his age. An Indian super hero and that too in an animation made in India! Yes, it is true. It is airs on the POGO channel. It has turned out to be a huge hit both for the channel and its creators. Its creator is Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd.

A Few years back, Indian animation was not famous or simply put, not up to the mark. But, things have changed over the past few years. The main reason being is the rapid change in the field of computer technology. Now, Indian animators are in great demand. This has led to an increase in demand for animation courses in Kolkata.

Mighty Raju is a spin off from another famous Indian animated series Chota Bheem. They both lived in the same city. The mighty Raju and Chota Bheem are close friends. But, in the mighty Raju series, Chota Bheem is not present. The multimedia quality of the mighty Raju is quite superb and this is also the reason, why it is such a big hit. It gives the children a reason to watch it regularly.


It is a story about a boy named Raju, whose mother accidentally drinks a chemical compound while she was pregnant. This leads to the child having some unnatural powers and strength. This helped him in outsmarting not only the kids, but also evil guys. The main evil or the villain is Karati, who happens to be a former science partner of his father.

This animated series is in 2d format, but it is of very good quality. The parent company of Mighty Raju (Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd) is a pioneer in the Indian animation market. It has made some wonderful animation series. The success of the Mighty Raju proves that the Indian animation industry is doing pretty well at the moment. His fight with the evil characters was pretty tough to animate. But, with 2d animation technology, it was made quite easily.


With the success it garnered, it was quite obvious that it will be made into a movie. It was released in May 2014. As expected, it was a huge hit and a big commercial success. The merchandise part of this animated series is another success story. From pencil boxes, tiffin boxes to T-shirts, everything is available on its website.

If you also want to be a part of a successful animated series, then join Hi Tech Animation as soon as possible. They are the best animation institute in Kolkata.