The Animation Series Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter’s Laboratory is a comic sci-fi animated series. This American animation is one of the most highly rated and popular original series of that time. This series was aired on 28thApril, 1996 on Cartoon Network and ran till 10th December, 1999, but due to its huge demand, this animation reran from November 2001 to November 2003. The creator of this animation was Genndy Tartakovsky.

The story is about a brilliant and genius boy named Dexter, who has a secret laboratory behind a bookcase in his room, where he does various and unique experiments. Only his sister, Dee Dee knows about the lab. Dexter always tries to keep his sister away from his experiment area. Though, the entry to the Dexter’s laboratory is secured with advanced technology, but his sister evades all the security and enters the room. Dexter always fights with his sister, but whenever she is in danger, he never shows any reluctance in rescuing her.


The negative character in this series was Dexter’s neighbour with the same intelligence named Susan Mandark Astronomonov. He also has a secret laboratory, but unlike Dexter, Mandark does some evil experiments and always tries to destroy Dexter’s experiments. The characters of this animation were inspired by one of the drawings of Tartakovsky’ ballerina. After creating the character Dee Dee (tall and skinny, Tartakovsky created the protagonist, short and blocky, inspired by his elder brother, Alex.

Both Dexter and his sister Dee Dee’s voice were done by two different women. The first voice-over for Dexter was done by Christine Cavanaugh, while the second voice-over was done by Candi Milo. On the other hand, Dee Dee’s voice was initially done by one of the college friend of Genndy, Allison Moore while Kat Cressida gave the voice later.


The series was a huge hit of that time. It also won 3 Annie Awards and was also nominated for 9 Annie awards, 4 Primetime Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Reel Awards. DC Comics issued four volumes of books on this animation named, Dexter’s Laboratory. Six video games were also released of this animated series. In fact, this series set a record of highest household rating (2.9) on 31st July, 2001, during its rerun time.

Animation is one of the field, which will continue to grow and the demand for the animators will also increase in the coming years. If you dream of a successful career and want to become famous, then you should choose an animation course and achieve your dream.


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