Top VFX Training Institute In Kolkata


Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood, VFX has become an integral part in the process of film making and this makes VFX one of the most in demand courses around the world. Students with the dream of a brighter future are opting for this course, which ultimately lead to the opening of a number of institutes offering this course. The growing numbers of institutes have also made it difficult for the students, while choosing the best one for the VFX course.

Choosing the best VFX institute is easy, if you are residing in Kolkata, because Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institutes in town. A number of reasons make this institute the best one in Kolkata. First, the teachers of this institution are from the film industry and have the knowledge about the present industry. They not only educate the students about the technicalities of VFX, but also help them for the future. All the mentors guide the students in their practical works, which is also necessary for their professional life.


The latest equipment and infrastructure of this place also helps the students in learning the VFX techniques. In fact, Hi-Tech Animation owns a production house, where all the practical works of this course are done. This also provides the opportunity for the students to experience the real environment of a film studio and to be a part of the ongoing projects. This opportunity enables the students in learning about the present industry and prepares them for their professional career.

Last, but one of the main reasons why you should choose Hi-Tech Animation for VFX course is that, this institute doesn’t make a fake commitment about the placement at the time of admission.If you do research on its placement history, then, you will not be disappointed with the results. All the students of this institution are either placed in the top entertainment companies or hired by Hi-Tech Animation production house. Sometimes, students are hired before the completion of the course.


With great infrastructure, latest equipment and the opportunities it offers, Hi-Tech Animation is the perfect place to start your career in the field of VFX. In this competitive world, where getting a job in the top companies is very difficult, this institute guarantees 100% job assurance. Hence, if you choose this VFX training institute, your dream career is going to be a reality and your future will be secure for sure. Come and start your VFX career with this institute.

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