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Perks of animation over other courses

animation course in kolkata

Why animation is a good career?

Growing up the only career options that have been told well to us are medical and engineering. It might even have been true thirty or forty years back but as we step into 2018 this scenario is not the same anymore. We are no longer using the old version of Facebook then how is it possible for the academic structure to be stagnant?

Technology and internet is what combines our lives these days. Media and animation are the most important factors that engross these. The scope of multimedia is not just another side option but a very progressive idea as well.

Prospects of animation course

More than half of pass out engineers from government and private colleges struggle to get a satiable job. A lot of them don’t even land with jobs after passing out. If you have living under the false hope that pursuing engineering for four long years will at least pay with a good package then you are very wrong.

The condition is completely different in the field of animation. Any multimedia course won’t be stretching for more than 12 to 18 months and guarantee you 100% placement assistance at the end as well.

The animation industry showed a robust growth over the last few years and it cannot go back. Mankind is certainly not abandoning technology and going back to Stone Age. Hence, the potent and prospect of an animation course is humongous.

Saves you time

As mentioned earlier it is no 4 or 5 years of rigorous course. An animation course definitely saves you time with better jobs lined ahead. It is your turn to give the thought logic. Why would you want to want to waste more time and not land with your dream job?

You wouldn’t, right! Choose your dream career by enrolling in an animation course in Kolkata right now.


See with every course you are limited to work within a certain sector or a certain field but with an animation course you have the freedom to work anywhere you want. Animators are in demand literally in every sector. Name a sector and you will find that animators work there.

Opportunity to learn and innovate

Do you wish to do something creative for your daily life? Well, then animation is the best option for you my friend. Well, as an animator there is always something or the other new that you will be working upon. Your horizon to expand and learn is limitless. Since its technology always new things will be coming up and that simply means that your opportunity to improve will be always there.


Do you know these amazing things about “Paddington- The Bear “?

Animation training institutes in Kolkata

BBC’s Children in need medley introduced the millennials to Paddington-The bear. The quirky and adorable bear was illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and featured by Michael Bond in more than one hundred and fifty books. Paddington is a warm and polite bear who addresses people as Mr. and Mrs.

However, as friendly as the bear is there are a certain number of things that you might not know about this English bear. To begin from the start Paddington was written by BBC cameraman Michael Bond who bought a toy brown bear for his wife. This purchase inspired him to write children illustrated stories which became very popular among the kids.

The book later became a 1970s famous TV animation show. Later a lot of episodes were made following this. The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1997) was one of the most hit series that had happened in a long time.

It won’t be wrong to say that there is no bear more famous than the Paddington Bear. A lot of people don’t know this but The Paddington Bear is definitely a matter of imagination in the heads of Peggy and Michael Bond.  They had a say in the animated form as well.

Although very successful now when the digitized versions first appear it didn’t quite create the stir. It took some time for the people to adapt to Paddington Bear’s animated version.

As per the story the bear was found in the Paddington station and that is from where it gets its first name. Stores in Paddington station sell stuff bear toys too. For people who grew up in Britain it is a matter of childhood tale that everyone is familiar with.

A lot of animation training institute also use the animation of Paddington Bear to explain certain skills and techniques that are very essential to master animation. Animation training institutes in Kolkata also use the Paddington Bear as an example of how simple characters like stuff toys can make for superb cartoons.

There are ample number of animation courses in Kolkata that you can choose from and make your way into the world of films and television.

Do you know? Animation is not just about creating cartoons?

animation training course in Kolkata

What is the first thing that comes to your minds when I say the word animation? Isn’t it cartoons? It is pretty obvious considering the fact that cartoons are our primary source of animation knowledge. But just so you know the plethora of animation is so much more than that. This blog will tell you how much the skill of animation is required and how much in demand it is.

Where all is it used?

We have all seen the extended use of animation in animated movies, animated series and obviously cartoons. Animated movies are the new money making tool. Producers tend to invest large sum of money on the budget of animated movies.

Other than this advertisements and short entertainment clips in news channels also require animators. Animated content is extremely necessary for the advertising agencies. Think of your favorite ad; it could of a shampoo, a cream, an accessory or anything else. All of it has animation used in it to make it more understandable and easily read to the people.

Even in news channels some entertainment clips to keep the mood light. “Excuse me” is one such show which airs for short durations during the day on Zee News. Hi-Tech animation provides the best animation training course in Kolkata which has its own production studio as well. Hi-Tech is the creator of this show and provides regular animated content from their production studio (in-house).


Digital learning is the future. Websites like Meritnation, Byjus and many more have adapted to e-learning skills for better understanding of students. In order to make the students grasp difficult concepts e-learning with animated content makes it an excellent tool.

Many schools teach complicated science and mathematics topics with efficient animated learning methods.

Medical animation

To make people understand about the physiological and medical explanations of bodily functions this is used. An animated version of the diagrammatic representation will help you get more attention and more clarity.

Some other industries

Forensic labs, architecture projects and mechanical engineering are a couple more fields where animation is used.

So, if you were living with the notion that animation is used only in the media and entertainment industry then wake up my find. An animation course will open job opportunities not just in one department or any one field but numerous others.

Things to remember before an animation job interview

It goes without saying that when it comes to animation job interviews, it’s a good idea to be prepared and get some pre-prepared answers in your back pocket to ensure a prospective employer doesn’t catch you out completely on the day. There are a couple of things you must know before you appear for an animation job interview-

  • Know your potential employer

The more you know about a studio before you go in to interview, the better. Know what films/shows/games/projects they have worked on. Make sure you know WHAT parts of that project they actually worked on; many films now farm out work to multiple studios, so you don’t want to make the mistake of complimenting one studio for another studio’s work! You don’t want to come off as fan boy-fanatical, but you definitely want to express an interest in your potential employer’s previous work.

If you have an inkling of what projects may be coming down the pipeline for the studio, consider putting things on your reel that could apply to those projects (i.e. if you know they will be working on a movie about zoo animals, show them some nice quadruped animation tests). It sounds like pandering, I know but the fact is, studios like to be able to immediately gauge how useful you will be to them.


  • Don’t complain about past jobs

This is a BIG one. We’ve all had jobs we didn’t like, but a job interview isn’t the place to nurse old wounds. There are several reasons for this. First off, most companies just prefer a positive person over a negative one who will drag down everyone else around them. Second, our industry is very small-it could be that the person you are criticizing is a good friend (or even a recent new hire) of the person interviewing you. Third, companies don’t like the idea that someday, when you move on, you may end up saying bad things about them to your next potential employer. Keep in mind to mention whatever you have learn in animation.


  • Don’t badmouth your work

Most of us are our own worst critics, and we will never be 100% satisfied with what we produce. We’ll always know we could have made a shot a little better…but don’t apologize for your work! Be positive, talk about things you’d like to get better at in the future but don’t point out past shortcomings. Don’t make excuses for shots or say things like “it used to look better but the director made me change it.” Let the interviewer come to their own conclusions, and follow their lead when talking about your past work. This will show that you don’t respect the animation institute you learned from.

Multimedia story of “The Little Prince”


The Little Prince is a 2015 English-language French 3D animated fantasy adventure family drama film directed by Mark Osborne and based on the 1943 novel of the same name by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It was the first adaptation as a full-length animated feature of The Little Prince. This animated film has touched millions of hearts with it’s excellent story-line and heart-touching characters which were loved across the globe. The story is about a little girl who lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to prepare her for it. Her neighbour, the Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince.


Now if we shift our vision to the eyes of an animator we’ll realise that this film is not a very excellent but average presentation of animation skills and imagination coordinates for 3D have been left to the discretion of the audience. Apart from this it is to be understood that this film has been critiqued positively for the multimedia work that has been input to it. However, if you seem to like this movie or any other movie based on animation, then taking up a multimedia course is the best possible option for you. For all the magic and imaginative flair portrayed in the film, 3D animation initiatives are best in this film. Every year hundreds of animated films are released and so many new characters come to the screen, you can be the designer for one of those characters as well.

All you need to do is take up an animation course from a reputed institute and go ahead with the work. The film has cleverly combined modern, Pixar-style CG animation with quaint stop-motion to reflect the chasm between the cold, depersonalized adult world and the too-often forgotten wonder of childhood. We cannot forget the fact that the film has been created as an adaptation of a classic novel and bringing such an old classic in the form of animation and to make it so widely popular among such a wide audience is not an easy task.


“The little prince” is an enduring story which can used as an inspiration for anyone wanting to pursue a career out of 3D animation or any other field of multimedia.

Now there are many different techniques of animation portrayed in the film. One of them is Paper Cutout animation, “It’s flat layers of paper, but photographed with dimension,” Mr. Osborne explained. The image above shows the set, with layers of paper set up one behind the other, where the plane scene was photographed. Jamie Caliri, the film’s stop-motion creative director whose animation work with paper included an ad for United Airlines called “Dragon,” dreamed up this technique. It’s no toughie to learn these keywords once you take up a good animation course and master these skills.

The Animation Series Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter’s Laboratory is a comic sci-fi animated series. This American animation is one of the most highly rated and popular original series of that time. This series was aired on 28thApril, 1996 on Cartoon Network and ran till 10th December, 1999, but due to its huge demand, this animation reran from November 2001 to November 2003. The creator of this animation was Genndy Tartakovsky.

The story is about a brilliant and genius boy named Dexter, who has a secret laboratory behind a bookcase in his room, where he does various and unique experiments. Only his sister, Dee Dee knows about the lab. Dexter always tries to keep his sister away from his experiment area. Though, the entry to the Dexter’s laboratory is secured with advanced technology, but his sister evades all the security and enters the room. Dexter always fights with his sister, but whenever she is in danger, he never shows any reluctance in rescuing her.


The negative character in this series was Dexter’s neighbour with the same intelligence named Susan Mandark Astronomonov. He also has a secret laboratory, but unlike Dexter, Mandark does some evil experiments and always tries to destroy Dexter’s experiments. The characters of this animation were inspired by one of the drawings of Tartakovsky’ ballerina. After creating the character Dee Dee (tall and skinny, Tartakovsky created the protagonist, short and blocky, inspired by his elder brother, Alex.

Both Dexter and his sister Dee Dee’s voice were done by two different women. The first voice-over for Dexter was done by Christine Cavanaugh, while the second voice-over was done by Candi Milo. On the other hand, Dee Dee’s voice was initially done by one of the college friend of Genndy, Allison Moore while Kat Cressida gave the voice later.


The series was a huge hit of that time. It also won 3 Annie Awards and was also nominated for 9 Annie awards, 4 Primetime Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Reel Awards. DC Comics issued four volumes of books on this animation named, Dexter’s Laboratory. Six video games were also released of this animated series. In fact, this series set a record of highest household rating (2.9) on 31st July, 2001, during its rerun time.

Animation is one of the field, which will continue to grow and the demand for the animators will also increase in the coming years. If you dream of a successful career and want to become famous, then you should choose an animation course and achieve your dream.