Multimedia Story Of Animated Series Transformers


The Transformers is the first animated series of the famous Transformer franchise. It was a huge success, when it released in 1984. It is a story of a war between two alien groups who are fighting among themselves. The future of the planet Earth hangs on the outcome of the fight. It was recorded in the USA and animated in Japan and South Korea.

The story begins when the Autobots and the Decepticons land on the earth during the Cybertronian war. They are revived after some geological happenings and the struggle continues on the earth as well. The Decepticons are the evil group who wants to erase all of the earth`s resources. They are doing it in order to find an alternative energy source for their own lost and destroyed the planet. During their fight on the earth, the Autobots get into a friendly relation with the native people. They are the noble guys who don’t want to harm the earth`s population. The Decepticons on the other hand, are intent on fulfilling their plans by any means. They in the process kill and destroy earth`s people and its natural process. All of the Autobots develop a special bond with a boy on the earth. He helps them in fighting the aliens.


The cartoon series was inspired from a Japanese toy line Microman.  It was quite difficult to make the animated characters for this series. It had vehicles which could turn into the human or sometimes into different other vehicles. The fight between the two factions was the toughest part to create as the fight had to look authentic and not shabby. With the help of multimedia techniques, it was possible to make this awesome animated series. There has been an increase in demand for multimedia courses in Kolkata.


Shohei Kohara, a Japanese designer created the models for the characters involved in the series. This cartoon was developed along with the comic strip of the story between 1984 and 1991. The storyline of both parts is somehow different. The animation technique used in making this highly popular animated series was quite advanced. It not only made the series a huge hit, but it also resulted in making of a movie between the seasons. It was quite tough to design both the alien groups, as they both had to look different, but at the same time, they both should look from the same planet.

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