Animation Story of Garfield


Garfield is a famous cartoon character developed by Jim Davis. It is a part of an American comic strip. It is very famous all around the world. Garfield comic strip holds the Guinness World record for being the most successful comic strip in a newspaper. The story of Garfield is set in Muncie, which is also the home of Jim Davis. The comic strip is basically about the chats between Jon, the owner, the dog Odie and Garfield himself.

Garfield is a very lazy, fat orange cat who does not want to do things. He always lie around and sleeps. He simply loves coffee and specifically anything to eat. He is allergic to Mondays. He doesn’t like raisins and commercials. He is very mischievous in nature and does naughty things.  He is an expert in sarcastic remarks. He doesn’t share a good rapport with the dog. They are always at loggerheads with each other. He was named after Jim Davis`s grandfather.


Garfield has turned out to be a big merchandise brand. We can see Garfield merchandises everywhere in gift stores. The success of Garfield has resulted in the making of many animated series and movies. The first animation debut on the TV for Garfield was in 1980. Scott Beach gave his voice for Garfield. Garfield and friends was another animated series which aired for seven seasons successfully. Garfield: The Movie was a famous animated movie which released in 2004, and its sequel Garfield: A tale of two kitties in 2007.


Jim Davis sketched Garfield as a very fat cat initially. He shared the comic strip with an animator in Hollywood and he suggested Garfield with bigger feet. This is how our lovely and dear character Garfield was born. The weight of Garfield changed throughout the years, till settling for the current look. The movie and the animated series were quite a hit because of the animation involved. It was mostly hand drawn animation when it came as a comic strip. It was quite challenging to develop the animation for the movie and TV series. The banter between Garfield and the dog was quite well made and developed. The success of Garfield is only because of the character created by Jim Davis. A few video games were also developed with Garfield as the central character. The animation required for creating Garfield was very new and challenging. Due to these successful characters, the demand for animation training in Kolkata has increased.

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