Multimedia Story Of Indian Animated Series Mighty Raju


Mighty Raju is an Indian superhero animated series, which is quite famous among the children. He is a 4 year old kid who has super powers, which is quite unique for his age. An Indian super hero and that too in an animation made in India! Yes, it is true. It is airs on the POGO channel. It has turned out to be a huge hit both for the channel and its creators. Its creator is Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd.

A Few years back, Indian animation was not famous or simply put, not up to the mark. But, things have changed over the past few years. The main reason being is the rapid change in the field of computer technology. Now, Indian animators are in great demand. This has led to an increase in demand for animation courses in Kolkata.

Mighty Raju is a spin off from another famous Indian animated series Chota Bheem. They both lived in the same city. The mighty Raju and Chota Bheem are close friends. But, in the mighty Raju series, Chota Bheem is not present. The multimedia quality of the mighty Raju is quite superb and this is also the reason, why it is such a big hit. It gives the children a reason to watch it regularly.


It is a story about a boy named Raju, whose mother accidentally drinks a chemical compound while she was pregnant. This leads to the child having some unnatural powers and strength. This helped him in outsmarting not only the kids, but also evil guys. The main evil or the villain is Karati, who happens to be a former science partner of his father.

This animated series is in 2d format, but it is of very good quality. The parent company of Mighty Raju (Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd) is a pioneer in the Indian animation market. It has made some wonderful animation series. The success of the Mighty Raju proves that the Indian animation industry is doing pretty well at the moment. His fight with the evil characters was pretty tough to animate. But, with 2d animation technology, it was made quite easily.


With the success it garnered, it was quite obvious that it will be made into a movie. It was released in May 2014. As expected, it was a huge hit and a big commercial success. The merchandise part of this animated series is another success story. From pencil boxes, tiffin boxes to T-shirts, everything is available on its website.

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