The Future Of Animated Movies In India


Animation has slowly changed the way movies are made. It has improved the equality of the movies drastically over the years. It is now impossible to imagine the film industry without an animated movie. Initially, the animation industry faced quite a few problems, budget being one of them. But, things have definitely improved over the years. It has made the audiences feel as if they are watching a foreign movie. The future of the animated movies India is discussed below:

A DIn a

The animation industry is in a growing stage. India has some of the world`s best animators. They are in demand all over the world. Animation is required in almost every field. It is very essential for any animated film to have a good animation. There will be an instant comparison with their Hollywood counterpart. Though, animated movies in Hollywood are technically quite ahead of the Indian animated movie, the India movie is not very far behind. It is slowly but steadily catching up.

Bhimsain Khurana

The first Indian animated movie The Banyan Deer was released way back in 1957.  Ek Anek Aur Ekta was another famous movie, which was aired on Doordarshan in 1974. Earlier, the market for an animated movie was very small or negligible. But, with the development in the field of computer, the animation industry has changed a lot in the recent years. Now, we are seeing a lot of animated movies being released every year.

little krishna little

The future is bright for animated movies as the working scenario has changed over the years. People are willing to watch an Indian animated movie because the standards have increased. Another reason for the bright future of animated movies in India is the growing culture of satellite TV and the internet. People are well aware about the recently released animated movies all around the world. They have easy access to those movies via various cable channels who show them as soon as possible. Gone are the days, when the general people in India had no clue about any movie releasing abroad.

The animated movie has a huge audience in the Indian middle class. With the rising standard of the working middle class, people can afford to watch any animated movie whether it is Indian or a foreign one. In spite of all these positive things about the future of animated movies in India, there is still a large untapped market with a huge potential. It can turn out to be a revenue churning venture for anyone if done properly.

If you also want to be a part of the animation industry, then you should enroll in a good institute providing multimedia courses. Hi-Tech Animation is one of them.

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