Why 3D Animation Is Better Than 2D Animation

Our childhood was spent watching 2D animation movies and series and we still love it, but it doesn’t mean that 3D animation is not that appealing. 3d animation is the advanced type of animation which is more attractive and appealing in comparison to the 2D animation. In fact, 3D animation has dominated the whole industry and its demand is increasing day by day among the audiences as well as in the industry.

Now the question arises, why 3D animation is better than 2D animation? The answer lies in their characteristics and those are:


Technology: 2D animation starts from the hand drawn animation and then it is uploaded to the computer. After the selection of colours and background, the animators create the final work following the 24 frames system. Though the system of creating 2D animation has changed, but the technology used in the making of 3D animation is much easier than the former type. In 3D animation, animators use some CGI (computer generated images) or draw the animated characters with the help of already installed software and tools to create the different characters and objects.

Time: It can be easily assumed that the time spent in the creation of a 3D animation is much lesser than it takes in the 2D animation. The more advanced technique, the less time it will take in the creation of an animation. Initially, the animators had to spend years in the creation of the characters of the movie, but 3D animation has lessened the burden of animation experts in the making of an animation movie.


Quality: One of the main and most important reasons of 3D animation dominance in the field of animation is its quality. The animator uses latest and advanced tools while making a 3D animation. It gives a three dimensional effects of the characters, objects and environment. The animators can also change the angle of the shots in the post-production work while creating a 3D movie which is not possible in a 2D animation. From the quality of the animation to the best angle of the shots, 3D animation has always entertained us with its unique work. Frozen, Kung Fu Panda 3, Ice Age: Collision Course and Madagascar 3D movies are, one of the finest creations in the field of animation.

The growing demand of 3D animation in the industry is a clear indication that its future in the coming years is bright for sure. You can also be the part of this growing industry. Hi-Tech Animation provides a 3D animation course in Kolkata.

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