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The remarkable journey of Lion King’s animation

lion king image


It has been 24 years since the release of Walt Disney produced The Lion King but to this date film critics and many fans believe that there never has been a better film than Lion King in the animation circle. It is hard to argue considering the emotional value this film holds in our hearts. Released in 1994, Lion King became an epic musical animated series to steal all hearts.

It swapped a gross collection of 766 million USD all across the globe. Based in the kingdom of lions in Africa, Lion King was a story with all ventures of emotions.

Animation story

In the beginning of this film’s production, not a lot of people had faith over the project and the concentration on developing character models was fading. However, the producer convinced the animation team who was also working on a separate film at that time that this film is going to nail histories. Now we know how serious he was. The production started at Disney MGM studios.

Let us not forget that The Lion King was made in the 90’s. The technology to develop animated characters and animation in general wasn’t very great. Walt Disney did develop some of the best technological advances in this field but it was nothing compared to what we have these days.

The iconic scene

It took 5 animators a time of more than 2 years to create the 2 and half minute Wildebeest Stampede scene. This scene was praised for the flawless animation flaw and dynamics. Not even halfway through the film, Simba gets trapped in a Wildebeest Stampede and is rescued by his dad, became the highlight moment of this film’s animation story. A team of 5 people taken from the original 600 artists and then they drew and shaded this scene which later was digitized over the screen. The studio became like an animation centre because people were learning new things while working on this film.

Fortunately, it takes way less time to produce a standard animation of 60 seconds, which takes not more than a couple of weeks (depending on the quality and content).

Before starting the process of animation, each character was separately assigned a supervisor. These animation supervisors then individually started working on the character development.

Some more interesting facts

A team of over 600 artists collaborated together to make this film a reality. The technique used in this film was more or less similar to what was at that time used in all Disney films with a few technical exceptions. The realization of growing animation courses’ scope became crystal clear to the audience at that time. It was a revolutionizing time in the history of animation.




Do you know how animation became the fastest growing sector?

growing animation sector

The entertainment business is really unpredictable to be honest really. You never know when a YouTube video will go viral or when a certain animation character becomes the logo of your bags and notebooks. People are so engrossed into the world of media that you never really know what will catch up with this trend.

In this fast pacing internet generation animated films and videos are very much beloved. People of all ages and not just children go crazy over watching animated films. Until a century back animated films didn’t receive any awards. The tables have sure as hell turned now. India’s animation industry produced revenues of Rs.51.1 billion in 2015, marks a growth rate of 13.8 percent, as per FICCI-KPMG report. The numbers got bigger when it showed a growth of 18 percent later on.

The investment towards producing animated films is also growing at a very large scale. Big companies like Reliance and TATA are some of the big players which have invested in production studios.

Indian animators have shown their extensive talent in shows like Game of thrones and Life of Pi and Maleficent. Emmy award winning show Game of Thrones’ crowd multiplication, props, dragon texturing was done by Indian animation artists.

When it comes to learning animation, it definitely is one of the contributing factors to the growth of animation industry. Seeing the vast requirement of animators the scope of animation courses is also seeing an upheaval. To be a good animator you must join a good 3D animation institute that will train you to become a professional who can handle all circumstances.

I’d suggest you to join Hi-Tech Animation. It is the best institute with a much enriched faculty. Being the one and only animation institute in India with a studio, the students learning here get very good exposure towards the world of animation.

Some facts you might not know about Frozen


Disney’s Frozen was released five years ago telling us all that you do not need a prince to save you. All you need is determination and love and that will be the savior of everyone. Frozen was a very controversial film considering how it generated a huge fan base. The film recreated the love for traditional musical dramas. The film had various lovely interesting facts to drool upon.

Do you know where the name of characters comes from?

It is said that the names Hans, Kristoff, and Anna were all named after Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of “The Snow Queen.” Christian became Kristoff and Anna was derived from Anderson. Josh Gad who voiced the character Olaf said that there was a huge confusion till the very end about Olaf’s name.  But later on Olaf was finalized because it sounded cute and appealing.

More about the film

Frozen’s sequel is the most anticipated animated film in recent past. You might not know this but Idina Menzel was given the role of Elsa only because of her stunning voice. The movie got very good responses for the quality and standard of animation that it portrayed. All the characters were designed in a 3D yet very compelling kind of way.

The castle sequence where Elsa builds up a giant castle in the middle of the forest was designed specifically for the song. More than that scene it was confirmed that the song was to be there.

After watching this film people got interested in animation and a lot of them joined the best animation course for learning animation and exploring their creativity. If animation films irk you too for knowing this skill then you need to join Hi-Tech Animation in Kolkata for the best training that there is.

Top 3 animation movies costliest animated movies ever

We aren’t unaware of the humongous expenditure that goes into making a single film. Hollywood films are made under huge budgets of hundreds and thousands million dollars. But did you know that animated movies are no piece of cake either. Animated films require huge manpower and resources which cost heavily. The number of artists who are employed and work tirelessly on a film are no less.

These are top 3 films which costed a fortune to come alive:-


animation movie

The film had an estimated budget of 260 million USD. Circling the classic story of Rapunzel this film had an excellent animation quality. It is a lesser known fact that making an animation movie costs so much partly because studios need to pay the hundreds of people who work on a particular film. Right from storyboarding, art direction, sketching, digital animation etc. it takes a village to complete an animation film.

Toy story 3

animation movie

One of the keys to success is improvement with time. Now the third sequel had to break the glass ceiling and doing something out of the box. This film inspired animation classes all across the world to teach students the production value. Animation classes in Kolkata started focusing more on the   production knowledge of its students so as to make them understand how vast animation can be. This film had an astounding budget of 200 million USD.

Cars 2

animation movie

This 2011 released film too had a very large budget of 200 million USD. What is animation if not inanimate objects talking? After watching Cars 2 even you will start hunting for animation courses in Kolkata. The worldwide earning of this film was almost double of what was invested.

The animation of the beast in Beauty and the Beast was a combination of multiple animals

animation institute

Bill Condon directed the evergreen Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film was released in 2017. It is an adaptation of 18th century fairy-tale. Earlier in 1990 an animated version of this film was made. Disney has always believed in recreating cinema in order to get the younger generation acquainted with old classics.

The film was a heartthrob work of animation and CGI. Top animation courses take it as an epitome of marvelous animated content. It might have crossed your mind what animal the beast actually is. It might appear as if it is a giant cannibal but all the features of its body are completely different from each other.

As depicted in the picture above you can see that the hair features are similar to that of a barbaric lion thus mane of a lion. However, the beard and the shape of the head resemble that of a buffalo. The brows are that of a gorilla. Belle insists on finding humane characteristics and humanity in the beast. She makes him realize that there is still humanity left inside of him. Keeping that in mind the animators have designed the eyes in the shape of humans.

The beast doesn’t have usual teeth but has tusks similar to that of a wild boar. Although, the overall body is in the shape of a bear. This accounts for the entire physical body. The lower body, i.e. the legs and tail are of a wolf. This beast is a clear example of how well coordinated a game of imagination can go. If you can imagine it, you can make it. That is what animation is all about. Enroll in the top animation institute in India for getting the best training and make your own characters.

Before you start animation as a career get to know about the syllabus a bit

vfx course

If you are reading this I would assume you are all set, to begin with, an animation course for your career. It is always good to have a head start. Animators are everywhere. Look around yourself; you are surrounded by films, advertisements, cartoons and creativity most of all. More than worrying about the best animation course your worry should be how you will be performing and delivering in that course.

This article will guide you through some of the topics that you will be learning in the course. The animation is a never-ending learning process. There is always scope to discover more. However, there are certain basic topics which are a must to learn.

  • History of animation

You cannot run a sprint if you do not learn how to walk. It begins with the small steps and then you go on creating the big blocks. In this module you be taught about the beginning of the animation, how it evolved, developed and came into existence. This module is mostly theoretical. It would be very handy if you study a little about the history and development of this subject.

  • Storyboarding

Remember how back in school you used to make drawings to tell a story, this is just the same. It is a graphic and sketch representation of how a video will unfold. Storyboards are created for every single character and scene that will become a part of the film. Storyboarding can be called the preview of the film. It will be an essential part of your learning curve.

  • 2D and 3D animation

An animation is an art of creating characters that are not static. Animated content is highly in demand in both the formats. The course will first teach you 2D and then the 3D animation will become the field of concentration. For this software like Maya, Flash and Illustrator will be taught.

In addition to these, there is CG concepts, Animatics, modelling, rigging and many more. The single most important thing about learning in an animation institute in Kolkata is to make complete use of it.

The animation industry is booming with success and opportunities. There is a huge employment drive in this sector. You must grasp all that you can from this course and land with a good job in animation. There are no boundaries to your strengths if you practice hard enough.

Do you know the famous job sector where animators get placements?

It is no secret that animators have huge demand in media and entertainment industry. But do you know this not the only sector where animators can seek jobs from. We are surrounded by the domination animation in our day to day lives.

It is impossible to imagine it without the contribution of animators. Below are listed some of the industries or sectors where an animator can create a career for himself.

  • Production studios/ entertainment business

3d animation job in kolkata

Stating the obvious here. Be it films, cartoons, advertisements or reality television animation is required. Just think of the last advertisement you saw on the television. Had it been possible to make it that way without animation? No, right!

House full theatres in animation movies speak for the success animation creators enjoy working in the post production of animation movies. On an average more than 500 artists are required to just make one animation movie. Now you know of the wide array of opportunities that there are.

  • E-learning

jobs in kolkata

Websites like Meritnation, Byjus are just a few large platforms where learning with graphics is done. In many schools as well as in colleges students are taught with e-learning techniques for better understanding of the concepts.

Just like cartoons create a better impression on children similarly with graphics and animated content students tend to remember the subjects for a longer period of time.

  • Gaming

jobs in kolkata

Who doesn’t like to fiddle with joysticks and play video games? Not just that mobile and PC games require animators too. Just imagine a job where you get to make games all day and get paid for it. Animators in the gaming industry are very much in demand. 100% creative freedom and handsome salary; what more do you need?

  • Mechanical sector

In order to teach the engineers about working of automated parts and other machineries animated short videos are created. In this way a practical 3D view gives them an idea of what they are dealing with in real life.

These were just a couple of examples t show that animation is a very widespread occupation. There are ample number of 2D animation job in Kolkata and even 3D animation job in Kolkata available. Learn from Hi-tech animation and get 100% placement assistance along with in-house placement facility at our own production studio.