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Some facts you might not know about Frozen


Disney’s Frozen was released five years ago telling us all that you do not need a prince to save you. All you need is determination and love and that will be the savior of everyone. Frozen was a very controversial film considering how it generated a huge fan base. The film recreated the love for traditional musical dramas. The film had various lovely interesting facts to drool upon.

Do you know where the name of characters comes from?

It is said that the names Hans, Kristoff, and Anna were all named after Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of “The Snow Queen.” Christian became Kristoff and Anna was derived from Anderson. Josh Gad who voiced the character Olaf said that there was a huge confusion till the very end about Olaf’s name.  But later on Olaf was finalized because it sounded cute and appealing.

More about the film

Frozen’s sequel is the most anticipated animated film in recent past. You might not know this but Idina Menzel was given the role of Elsa only because of her stunning voice. The movie got very good responses for the quality and standard of animation that it portrayed. All the characters were designed in a 3D yet very compelling kind of way.

The castle sequence where Elsa builds up a giant castle in the middle of the forest was designed specifically for the song. More than that scene it was confirmed that the song was to be there.

After watching this film people got interested in animation and a lot of them joined the best animation course for learning animation and exploring their creativity. If animation films irk you too for knowing this skill then you need to join Hi-Tech Animation in Kolkata for the best training that there is.


Top 3 job opportunities for an animator

Animators create films for production companies, major animation studios and computer games companies. Typical responsibilities of the job include: working creatively to produce original and aesthetically pleasing designs and solutions, using specialist computer generation software such as Maya, Flash and After Effects, presenting designs to customers for evaluation, promoting and running the business. Here are top 3 job opportunities that you will receive after you learn animation.

  1. 3D modelers

3D modelers create characters and environments for video games and 3D movies as well as images and modeling for websites, graphic designs, animation, film effects, simulations, broadcast design, special effects, characters and props for film, television effects, CD-Rom design, and location-based entertainment. These multi-talented professionals also create images/models for geologists, architects, scientists, engineers, healthcare agencies, and more.

  1. Art Director

Art directors develop design concepts and review material that will appear in digital media, newspapers, advertisements, books, magazines, and more. They control the overall visual direction of a project in industries from advertising and public relations to web design. Art direction requires years of experience, advanced technical skills, and advanced knowledge in the areas of art and management.


  1. Character Animator

Character animators create and design characters using animation software, 3D modeling, 2D animations, and even puppetry. These creative professionals develop characters that use movement to tell a story, whether it’s for film, television, video games or mobile applications.


If you wish to enter into the creative world of animation and work into these highly influential jobs then it is suggested that you start looking for animation courses that suit your requirements. Kolkata is the creative capital of India and you can very easily find an animation institute that will fulfill your requirements.

Disney’s Funniest Hero- Poo


Disney is one of the oldest and best animation companies in the field of animation. It has given us numbers of animated characters, which are unique. In fact, our childhood memory is filled up with cute, funny and some unique cartoon characters, which are still close to our hearts. Most of the characters are the creation of Disney. They cannot be replaced with others till now. Though, they have become old, but we still do enjoy those movies and series by watching them again and again.


Among the main protagonists of those movies and series, Poo is considered to be one of the famous characters and is also known as Pooh bear. It is an anthropomorphic character. It was first created by a British author, A. A. Milne in his book titled with, Winnie the Pooh in 1926. The second part was published with the name, The House at Pooh Corner in the year of 1928. He also added a poem on Pooh Bear in his book, “When we were very Young” (1924) and many other poems in his book, “Now We Are Six” (1927). All these collections were engraved by E. H. Shepard.

The character Pooh is one of the funniest characters to ever appear in any of the Disney’s animation. Though, he was shown comical, but at the same time he was quite sensible, with a nice sense of humour. He was a poet and was seen singing some nice creations throughout the series and the movie. Pooh was also shown helping his friends in need and providing some wise decision to his pals. He was very fond of foods, especially honey. He loves helping out the needy ones. He motivates the people who need them.


He is a very friendly bear who has many friends in the jungle. His closest friend is the piglet with whom he spends the maximum time. He is also not afraid of facing any difficulties or dangers. All the movies or series of Pooh has a very good moral message in it. It teaches or educates the young viewers of being helpful and down to earth. The 3d animation techniques have really evolved over the past few years, enabling the viewers to enjoy some fantastic animation works. The charm of Pooh is still there and will remain so.

The rise of these amazing animation works has been possible mainly due to the development of the technologies. Many institutes have come up, which offers 3D animation courses in Kolkata. One thing is for sure that the level of animation will only improve.

Top 5 animated TV Series in India

In the past few years India has shown an outstanding growth in the creation of animated series. Animation has a very strong stir in the nation at present. Out of all the animated series created both in 3D and 2D , these are the top 5 shortlisted ones.

Roll no. 21


This cartoon series is one of the top series viewed by the Indian audience. The cartoon series is previewed both in English and Hindi. We need to acknowledge the fact that this series would be nothing without the animation efforts put in the series. The show is viewed in terms of episode after episode and each episode has a new villain prepared which shows the creativity of the animator and the diverse skills possessed by the animation team. Indian animation industry has always produced extraordinary results, this show just stands the perfect example.

Vikram aur Betaal


Vikram Aur Betaal was a television programme that aired on DD National. The series contained stories from Indian mythology that aim at teaching kids life lessons while entertaining them. The concept of the program was based on Baital Pachisi, a collection of tales about the legendary King Vikra and the Vaitaala, a ghost analogous to a vampire in Western literature. Betaal was the ghost who was designed in such a manner that it stayed on the back of king Vikram all the time. The cartoon has been made in both 2D and 3D. The amazing visualization of these fictional characters in 3D form has created a vast fan base for all the people.

Chota Bheem


Chota Bheem is a cartoon series presented on Cartoon Network channel and is currently the most viewed show in the country. This show shows various characters and due to the designing of a wide range of characters by the animators it is loved by the audience. People often tend to get bored by seeing the same over and over but it doesn’t happen in this show. In this show we see a range of many characters which are no doubt designed in a very skilled manner.

Pakdam Pakdai


Pakdam Pakdai is another animated series created for the entertainment of the children. An interesting point about this cartoon is that it’s characters are well loved by the people and before appreciating the show people are often seen appreciating the animated characters of the show. It has all been possible because of the animation efforts inculcated in the making of the characters.

Mighty Raju


Mighty Raju is another beloved series that falls under this category. This show is well loved as it opens a world of adventure and enthusiasm to it’s audience. The people are amused by the audio and visual effects portrayed in the film. The manner in which the character and all it’s actions are planned by the animation team, it has left all of us spellbound. Adding to that this show has some excellent animation touches making it one of the best in the list.

The rise of these amazing animation works has been possible mainly due to the development of the technologies. Many institutes have come up, which offers 3D animation courses in Kolkata. One thing is for sure that the level of animation will only improve.

Why 3D Animation Is Better Than 2D Animation

Our childhood was spent watching 2D animation movies and series and we still love it, but it doesn’t mean that 3D animation is not that appealing. 3d animation is the advanced type of animation which is more attractive and appealing in comparison to the 2D animation. In fact, 3D animation has dominated the whole industry and its demand is increasing day by day among the audiences as well as in the industry.

Now the question arises, why 3D animation is better than 2D animation? The answer lies in their characteristics and those are:


Technology: 2D animation starts from the hand drawn animation and then it is uploaded to the computer. After the selection of colours and background, the animators create the final work following the 24 frames system. Though the system of creating 2D animation has changed, but the technology used in the making of 3D animation is much easier than the former type. In 3D animation, animators use some CGI (computer generated images) or draw the animated characters with the help of already installed software and tools to create the different characters and objects.

Time: It can be easily assumed that the time spent in the creation of a 3D animation is much lesser than it takes in the 2D animation. The more advanced technique, the less time it will take in the creation of an animation. Initially, the animators had to spend years in the creation of the characters of the movie, but 3D animation has lessened the burden of animation experts in the making of an animation movie.


Quality: One of the main and most important reasons of 3D animation dominance in the field of animation is its quality. The animator uses latest and advanced tools while making a 3D animation. It gives a three dimensional effects of the characters, objects and environment. The animators can also change the angle of the shots in the post-production work while creating a 3D movie which is not possible in a 2D animation. From the quality of the animation to the best angle of the shots, 3D animation has always entertained us with its unique work. Frozen, Kung Fu Panda 3, Ice Age: Collision Course and Madagascar 3D movies are, one of the finest creations in the field of animation.

The growing demand of 3D animation in the industry is a clear indication that its future in the coming years is bright for sure. You can also be the part of this growing industry. Hi-Tech Animation provides a 3D animation course in Kolkata.