Top 5 Animation Movies of Hollywood

Hollywood has always entertained us with its remarkable special effects in the field of animation. Though, 3D has dominated the animation genre of Hollywood movies in the recent years, but there are some 2D animated movies which are close to our heart and still worth watching. The list of these irresistible movies are:


The Lion King(1994): The Lion King has always been the favourite animated movie of all time. From the story, emotions and adorable characters, the animation team had done incredible work while developing the animation. It took years to create hand drawn animation and their actions which were converted frame by frame on the computer.


Shrek (2001): The debutants Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson directed this fantasy-comedy animated film. The 3D animation was developed with the help of Fluid Animation System and Maya, which helped the animators to create a facial system and also facial muscle under the skin. The animators went a bit far by applying this facial system on all over the body of the characters of this movie. They also worked on the fur of the donkey with other VFX artist and made it look real when it swirled with the wind.

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The Incredibles (2004):  From creating CG animation of the humans to making their actions look real on the screen, this movie is one of the finest creations in the field of animation. The director, Brad Bird along with other animators and VFX artists, with the help of “subsurface scattering” while creating the skin of the animated humans, gave a new technology in the field of animation.


Cars (2006): It took years for this adventure-comedy to make it to the big screen. The director John Lasseter with the animation team had worked day and night while creating different types of cars with different specifications. The animators also focused on the action, speed and in order to show their emotions, they added the eyes, ears, hands to them. In fact, showing the age of the cars was also one of the concerns of the animation experts. For example, young cars had a tighter body and smooth actions when compared with the older ones which had a loose body due to the age.


Kung Fu Panda (2008): The animators of this movie had hand drawn the character on the paper and then developed them on the computer screen. From creating the Chinese civilization, The Great Wall of China to the fighting sequences of Kung Fu with the help of CG, Photoshop and other animation effects, the animators had done a remarkable job.

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