Advantage of pursuing Certification in Animation, VFX & Graphics for Graduation

animation career image

Don’t we all dream of graduating from with a perfect degree. Graduation is that part of your education that determines what you are going to do for the rest of your lives. There are so many academic options to choose from that it might get confusing for kids at times. One of the most popular degree courses is Animation and Multimedia. Earlier it was nothing more than isolated certificate training.

The tables have turned dramatically and now animation courses from top animation college is highly in demand. Animation courses have taken an upper hand in the academic structure. Hi-Tech Animation Institute is among the leading institutes in this field. Hi-Tech offers a three year B.Sc degree program in Animation and Multimedia. This degree is affiliated and awarded by MAKAUT (WBUT). With such a prestigious and commendable affiliation; this degree has attained very high stature in the entire academic circle.

bsc animation image

In addition to that, there are several other advantages attached to learning animation, VFX and graphics designing. These courses are the new trend. The entertainment and multimedia industry has grown larger than ever. And if you notice carefully, the growth will only become more positive. There is no way that this can slow down. The demand for media and its content is evergreen as well.

A graduation degree in the same is bound to give you great career. One advantage of learning these courses is the crunch of demand and supply. Only 25% of the demand is fulfilled by animators every year. This crunch in manpower makes this field more flooded with opportunities.

If you are aspirant f multimedia and animation then know that there is an abundance of opportunities awaiting your success. Hi-Tech Animation is the best animation institute in India because of numerous reasons. The first one being that it is the only animation institute in India with a production studio of its own. No other institute in India has that.

So as a result of this students learning here get a chance to be enlightened in presence of professional studio exposure. They get to learn from industry professionals amidst actual studio works. That also makes the top companies in the industry fetch for animators from Hi-Tech Animation. A lot of gigantic companies in the media industry choose to recruit from Hi-Tech Animation instead of other typical animation institutes.

If you feel like you have developed an interest in learning these advanced courses for a great career with handsome salary then feel free to reach out to us soon.

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