Top 3 VFX moments of Blade Runner 2049 that will blow your mind

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VFX is nothing new but the stir Blade Runner 2049 created in 2017 is on a whole new level. From recreating an alive person to Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s action scenes; visual effects and CGI went on a whole new level. Straight from portraying hardcore thriller set designs and bringing Rachel back from 1982; we surely need to read further and move ahead.

These are top 3 exclusively eye-widening moments from the film Blade Runner 2049.

  1. Detailing

The memorable opening of Blade Runner 2049 includes a gigantic Tyrell Pyramid. As the camera approaches you see Holden’s office. The minute detailing of the interiors is remarkable in this film.  With visual effects, the supervising team was able to make a very impacting scenario for the film.

  1. Use of miniatures

The first time miniature theory was used to shoot unrealistic scenes we saw Godzilla destroying cities. A man wearing the Godzilla costume ran and stomped over miniatures of cardboard towns.

Similarly, miniature spinners were used in this film. A lot of people might not know this but initially, the miniatures were recorded and then the VFX team used their skills to fit it in the scene accordingly.

  1. Return of Rachel

The Moving Pictures recreated Sean Young’s replica Rachel. In order to do that miracle year of labor and hard work was inculcated. We see Rachel the same way as she was in 1982. She didn’t age a day from what we have seen her in 1982.

In the history of cinema never have we seen anything as gigantic and magical like this. Recreating a person altogether is something else.

Blade Runner 2049 is what it is because of the immense dedication of VFX. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do all this. There are a huge demand and scope for VFX courses in India. Hurry to find the best VFX institute in India for learning VFX professionally and making a career that you will be proud of.

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