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Why is a scene shot with green screen for adding special effects?

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You might have seen in the behind the scenes pictures of numerous films and shows that the unrealistic scenes or dummy are shot with green coloured backgrounds. Have you ever wondered why the background is green and not any other colour such as red, pink, purple or white?

Green is the go-to colour because it is indifferent to nature. It doesn’t match any hair colour, natural skin colour or body part making it easier to edit. In this way, no part of the human body is edited out in the chroma key. However, if a green costume or prop is required the green screen is replaced with a blue screen.

The colour green is pretty odd and stands out. So if the actor is wearing a pink dress in front of a pink background then the chroma key while replacing the background with an image would pick the dress’ colour to replace as well. Green screens are also more commonly used because of the colour green being the highest luminance among all the colour channels (RGB).

Nowadays blue screen is used in place of green screens because blue is a much softer colour. They are easier for chroma-key too.

The shooting of blue screens and green screens differ on the basis of what is in front of the screen. You cannot shoot a green parrot in front of the green screen and similarly, you cannot shoot the blue avatar characters in front of blue screens. Like when they shot Green Lantern or Hulk they definitely used blue screens. It is always good to have options in handy. Use of chroma key is taught to you in visual effects courses.

In post-production studio, VFX artists use chroma-key to edit the screens and replace them with required background and images. The dragons on Game of Thrones are nothing but props with green coloured wraps. They later appear on the screen as dragons carrying the Queen of seven kingdoms.

Now that you know the real reason behind adding the green/blue screens for special effects it is no more confusing why other coloured backdrops are not added.



Black Mirror’s VFX is to break all records

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While the youth can’t stop binge watching TV shows, Netflix released the most anticipated show of all time. Black Mirror is the new hype in the town. It is basically a science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, with Charlie and Annabel Jones serving as the program show runners. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

With the combination satire and anthology, Black Mirror is something that will boggle your mind for sure. A lot of episodes in this series showed some explicitly manipulated scenes. There was this one scene with a giant spider entering the room. That was all done with the CGI effects.

The special effects artists at the Painting Practice, an England-based VFX house, and the London branch of Framestore, this horrific creature makes its appearance halfway through the episode, which takes place in an immersive virtual world designed by a video game company. Not just this but the other scenes are equally mind boggling.

Black mirror has become an epitome in the visual effects industry. All the shackles associated with the visual effects in TV series got destroyed with this show. The trailer for this latest season showed all the important events of past years and its impact.

Critics also agreed that Black Mirror had some kickass work done in the episodes. The show began with a whole dimension on a different level. In addition to that, it needs to be understood that Black Mirror broke all the pre conceived notions that TV shows don’t work enough on visual effects.

A satire like this with production quality like this is sure to create buzz of this extent.

Behind the scenes of Kong: the Skull Island

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King Kong franchise was back in 2017 with Kong: the skull island. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and written by Dan Gilroy, Max Borenstein, and Derek Connolly from a story by John Gatins; the film was nominated for various visual effects society awards. Kong is a mythical, compelling character with massive history.

In order to bring Kong to life a lot of old-school and new-school methods were utilized. Right from formatting the animated scenes with miniatures to using hell amount of CGI in the backgrounds this film is a complete product of visual effects.

Enunciating sentiments towards a character like Kong was cemented with lot of work. The scene where Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson are standing on a cliff was a very warm moment for us to know Kong. ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), the studio that created the visual effects for this film and may others said that working on Kong was a whole level of different experience.

They used a couple of particular things which were exclusively used in the post production. They used this tool called CineView, which was developed at ILM. It was very assertive to place the physical characteristics of Kong with the backdrop.

Most of the technical department went nuts on the hair. If you ever learn animation and VFX then it would come to you that the most exhausting aspect of designing an animal is the detailing of its hair. Especially at the end, when he’s fighting the Skullcrawler. That was just displacing massive amounts of water. There was a lot of artful carving of the water to get it to move aside.

So once the water simulations came to an end, then the hair dressing came into play. The thing which most of the audience doesn’t get is that visual effects and CGI manipulation is done in so many different ways; every scene demands something different all the time. A lot of people enrolled in visual effects courses compare Godzilla with Kong. It cannot be completely criticized because a lot of the dimensions are similar whereas Godzilla evolved with time but Kong has been pretty up to date.

Kong: the skull island required animation in the initial stage before visual effects could have been done. The nominations for visual effects awards were well earned.

The legacy of Death Note and how it still lives

Death Note is a 37-episode anime series based on the manga series of the same name written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. Death Note is one of the most popular anime series. Anime and Manga lovers all over the globe fan boy over this series. Kira’s willpower and strategic mind in competence with mastermind “L” and his power gives the audience chills.

Anime series are known for stretching for seasons after seasons with hundreds of episodes but this one just had one season. The craziness and fandom didn’t stop there. Last year Netflix came up with a movie based on this series. Everyone was excited what visual effects amazement would we get to see for Ryuk’s character.

Death Note started with a general concept of Shinigamis. But this show had complicated relationships with Shinigamis and the lead roles. Ryuk’s love or as some fans called it lust towards apples made for an interesting storyline. The animation techniques used in this series is not very different from that of what we see in other anime/ manga series.

Ohba’s vision started with creating L’s character anonymous who only contacted the world through his assistant Watari. He didn’t have to recreate the Shinigamis’ appearance but hours were tediously dedicated to form small and peculiar character symphonies.

The legacy of Death Note has been continued in merch, video games and obviously the movie. The film wasn’t released in theatres. Netflix bought the rights of this film and making it exclusively available there. William Dafoe got pretty upset when he heard that the film won’t be released on theatres. According to him, not everyone has a Netflix subscription and they might want to watch the film as well.

The visual effects used in this film were definitely worth the Netflix subscription. Death Note was one of a kind film. A world where the chaser becomes the chase or vice versa, director Ohba said that the film wouldn’t have been possible without visual effects and animation efforts of the post production team.

Death Note is a living example how going for a visual effects course allows you to explore your talents and create content as per your choice.

Top 3 VFX moments of Blade Runner 2049 that will blow your mind

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VFX is nothing new but the stir Blade Runner 2049 created in 2017 is on a whole new level. From recreating an alive person to Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford’s action scenes; visual effects and CGI went on a whole new level. Straight from portraying hardcore thriller set designs and bringing Rachel back from 1982; we surely need to read further and move ahead.

These are top 3 exclusively eye-widening moments from the film Blade Runner 2049.

  1. Detailing

The memorable opening of Blade Runner 2049 includes a gigantic Tyrell Pyramid. As the camera approaches you see Holden’s office. The minute detailing of the interiors is remarkable in this film.  With visual effects, the supervising team was able to make a very impacting scenario for the film.


  1. Use of miniatures

The first time miniature theory was used to shoot unrealistic scenes we saw Godzilla destroying cities. A man wearing the Godzilla costume ran and stomped over miniatures of cardboard towns.

Similarly, miniature spinners were used in this film. A lot of people might not know this but initially, the miniatures were recorded and then the VFX team used their skills to fit it in the scene accordingly.


  1. Return of Rachel

The Moving Pictures recreated Sean Young’s replica Rachel. In order to do that miracle year of labor and hard work was inculcated. We see Rachel the same way as she was in 1982. She didn’t age a day from what we have seen her in 1982.

In the history of cinema never have we seen anything as gigantic and magical like this. Recreating a person altogether is something else.


Blade Runner 2049 is what it is because of the immense dedication of VFX. There is absolutely no reason why you cannot do all this. There are a huge demand and scope for VFX courses in India. Hurry to find the best VFX institute in India for learning VFX professionally and making a career that you will be proud of.

Evolution of VFX in the movie “The Mummy”

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Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz’s starring “The Mummy” is the story of an adventurer and Egyptologist who end up in a series of events that wake up a bedeviled mummy along with their invitation for troubles. The end of 20th century marked the beginning of a new advent in the world of multimedia and CGI films.

The second part of this film was released in 2017 starring Tom Cruise. 1999 was a good year for development in visual effects and computer graphics. This year was also great because n May George Lucas released the long awaited Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, containing almost 2,000 digital effects created by Industrial Light & Magic under the supervision of Dennis Muren, John Knoll, Scott Squires and Rob Coleman. That was the greatest work in CGI and VFX that the industry had seen in decades and in that century.

This same company, Industrial Light and Magic did the VFX for this film as well. John Andrew Berton, Jr was the VFX supervisor for this film. He was working on the look for more than three months prior to the shoot. John used motion capture technique to develop the Mummy. Back in 1999 it was done with lots of technical assistance.

But as we move ahead in time and the technologies used in films develop it is more than evident for the VFX to evolve as well. When the first trailer of The Mummy 2 was released it took the audience aback. The visual effects used in this sequel were definitely one of a kind.

Also keeping in mind the digital makeup took way less time than the previous movie. The pace at which VFX courses have shown an increase is beyond comparison. Tom Cruise is not the only reason people are going all bonkers over this film, it was also because of the stunning visual effects that were incorporated in the film for sure.

This film was nominated for various awards (BAFTA, Sierra and Satellite) in the best visual effects category too.

A large number of VFX and animation courses use this film as a solid example of the evolution of visual effects. As time goes by and we get encompassed in the world of digital media the scope and advancement if visual effects will only increase.

If you are also interested in learning visual effects then opt for a VFX course in Kolkata that will teach you the skills thoroughly.

Amazon Obhijaan and its cool VFX story

The makers of Chander Pahar are back with even better production. Last time you only saw lions and elephants but this time there will be anacondas, panthers, crocodiles and a whole jungle at your palms. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s adventure thriller is definitely raising the bar high in terms of VFX in Kolkata.

The film will get you in the mood for a vacation with its location. Dev sets for a hunt of some mysterious treasure into the dense forests of Amazon. His journey is filled with obstacles and out of the world experiences. The post production team of this film has left no stone unturned in making all the wild creatures look perfectly realistic.

SVF Entertainment has always given the best quality output in whatever they put their mind into. Amazon: Obhijaan, their upcoming film has shown large anacondas swirling up the trees and a pack of black panthers chasing the actors. All thanks to the VFX artists who made it possible.  The first look of the film was released on 21st September 2017.

Since then the hype of the film has been very positive. In addition to that, many critics have said that this film will be the biggest work of visual effects that Tollywood has ever seen. Another interesting fact is that this film broke Baahubali’s record of biggest film poster in history of India.

Although this super adventurous thriller is a Bengali film but will be dubbed in multiple languages like Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil and Telegu. The plethora of popularity this film’s visual effects has summoned is outstanding.

People who further wish to work for the Bengali industry can look for inspiration in this film. When the before and after shots are released you can take a look at the pictures and be astonished for yourself. All the action scenes are done with props and in front of green screens. Later the VFX artists with their skills manipulate these scenes and add the extra effects.

If you were wondering about the prospect of visual effects in Kolkata then this film clears all the doubts for you. The demand and opportunity of VFX in Kolkata has boomed to a great extent. Production companies are seeking to make large amount of investments in films that use visual effects.

Go ahead and join Hi-Tech Animation for the best and an absolutely industry-oriented professional course. The future awaits you.