Amazon Obhijaan and its cool VFX story

The makers of Chander Pahar are back with even better production. Last time you only saw lions and elephants but this time there will be anacondas, panthers, crocodiles and a whole jungle at your palms. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s adventure thriller is definitely raising the bar high in terms of VFX in Kolkata.

The film will get you in the mood for a vacation with its location. Dev sets for a hunt of some mysterious treasure into the dense forests of Amazon. His journey is filled with obstacles and out of the world experiences. The post production team of this film has left no stone unturned in making all the wild creatures look perfectly realistic.

SVF Entertainment has always given the best quality output in whatever they put their mind into. Amazon: Obhijaan, their upcoming film has shown large anacondas swirling up the trees and a pack of black panthers chasing the actors. All thanks to the VFX artists who made it possible.  The first look of the film was released on 21st September 2017.

Since then the hype of the film has been very positive. In addition to that, many critics have said that this film will be the biggest work of visual effects that Tollywood has ever seen. Another interesting fact is that this film broke Baahubali’s record of biggest film poster in history of India.

Although this super adventurous thriller is a Bengali film but will be dubbed in multiple languages like Hindi, Odia, Assamese, Tamil and Telegu. The plethora of popularity this film’s visual effects has summoned is outstanding.

People who further wish to work for the Bengali industry can look for inspiration in this film. When the before and after shots are released you can take a look at the pictures and be astonished for yourself. All the action scenes are done with props and in front of green screens. Later the VFX artists with their skills manipulate these scenes and add the extra effects.

If you were wondering about the prospect of visual effects in Kolkata then this film clears all the doubts for you. The demand and opportunity of VFX in Kolkata has boomed to a great extent. Production companies are seeking to make large amount of investments in films that use visual effects.

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