Do you know these amazing things about “Paddington- The Bear “?

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BBC’s Children in need medley introduced the millennials to Paddington-The bear. The quirky and adorable bear was illustrated by Peggy Fortnum and featured by Michael Bond in more than one hundred and fifty books. Paddington is a warm and polite bear who addresses people as Mr. and Mrs.

However, as friendly as the bear is there are a certain number of things that you might not know about this English bear. To begin from the start Paddington was written by BBC cameraman Michael Bond who bought a toy brown bear for his wife. This purchase inspired him to write children illustrated stories which became very popular among the kids.

The book later became a 1970s famous TV animation show. Later a lot of episodes were made following this. The Adventures of Paddington Bear (1997) was one of the most hit series that had happened in a long time.

It won’t be wrong to say that there is no bear more famous than the Paddington Bear. A lot of people don’t know this but The Paddington Bear is definitely a matter of imagination in the heads of Peggy and Michael Bond.  They had a say in the animated form as well.

Although very successful now when the digitized versions first appear it didn’t quite create the stir. It took some time for the people to adapt to Paddington Bear’s animated version.

As per the story the bear was found in the Paddington station and that is from where it gets its first name. Stores in Paddington station sell stuff bear toys too. For people who grew up in Britain it is a matter of childhood tale that everyone is familiar with.

A lot of animation training institute also use the animation of Paddington Bear to explain certain skills and techniques that are very essential to master animation. Animation training institutes in Kolkata also use the Paddington Bear as an example of how simple characters like stuff toys can make for superb cartoons.

There are ample number of animation courses in Kolkata that you can choose from and make your way into the world of films and television.


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