How to Create the Mirror Dimension?

Basically mirror dimensions are created in superhero movies and animated movies to portray a superficial world or as we see in the marvel movies it is used to show us the parallel universe. An animation creator uses multimedia and Photoshop techniques to inculcate these special effects. Recently we could see all these effects of mirror dimension in the film called “Doctor Strange”. When you take up multimedia courses, it will become quite evident to you about the usage of mirror dimensions. A fair knowledge of multimedia tools and applications can help you create the mirror dimensions with ease.

Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” is the best example that shows how you can use mirror dimensions to create extraordinary scenes. The task of mirror dimensions is not that simple, we have a dedicated team for that. It’s not hand animated, you can track a character pretty well even without mocap markers. Requires a lot of massaging by animators (or outright redone) if they want to use it as finals in the film though. A lot of the body tracks you see here are used to cast shadows/generate reflections/blend into hand animated digi double. The actual plate of the actor is used otherwise. An animation creator works day and night to pull off the shot sequences aptly and with proper functioning.

Multimedia courses help you get a full grasp over the subject matter with all the professional, artistic and technical aspects at the same time. Lets’ not forget to admire the effort and the amount of imagination that was inculcated by the animation creator of this particular film. The warping plank in the foreground, the unfolding “stairs” to the left, and the upside-down games on the right… that movie was gorgeous.

Just to brush up the basic of creating mirror dimensions, you use the FLIP action to mirror it. If you want to mirror the block and have the text appear normal (non-mirrored), then you need to set the MIRRTEXT variable to zero (0). Do this by typing MIRRTEXT <enter> 0 <enter>.TEXT in block will be mirrored regardless of MIRRTEXT value. OP:  you could create an attribute inside your block and link it to the length FIELD of the entity you want to dimension.  That or create a dynamic block with a FLIP parameter and action. If you wish to learn the craft entirely and completely the go ahead and find a good multimedia course for you as there are many.

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