The Best Animated Series We Remember For VFX Work


The Jungle Book is a beloved animated series that earlier used to be telecasted through television channels and further was seen in form of films as well, the film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures. This particular animated series is literally 100% a product of visual effects. The entire animated series was shot behind green screens and the film was executed in the post production process. The Jungle Book stood as one of the most successful animated work of the year and it was quite evident considering the fact that how much hype the VFX of this particular animated show created.


All the sequences, shots and backgrounds were created using VFX in The Jungle Book. If you sit through the end credits of The Jungle Book, you’ll notice a massive list of VFX artists who worked on Jon Favreau’s film. The artists of MPC were responsible for creating, well, everything — animals, landscapes, water sources, and every tiny piece of greenery. If you see the before and after of this particular animated series you will realize that it was basically nothing but a boy talking to green screen and models of animal faces which makes the use of VFX even more prominent and important. There are numerous VFX courses available in the country that will help you learn visual effects with professionalism.


This particular animated series got immense appreciation for the work in VFX and animation throughout. The film has extraordinary work in terms of VFX that can be seen throughout the film. The film got appreciation across the globe by critics for the work that is put into the scenes. The VFX artists did an extremely marvelous job. If you wish to create such magic and manipulate scenes as per your own discretion then there are an abundance of VFX courses available in the city that will help you learn the craft of VFX with utmost ease and professionalism.

The Jungle Book became successful in providing a complete out of the world experience to its viewers by making the entire series a work of excellent animation. In addition to this, jungle book had many other actors giving voice over for the films based on the animated series. VFX courses teach you to get hold of these crafts and become a pro at visual effects. To put the jungle in The Jungle Book, MPC began by creating a wide variety of plants, trees, vines and rocks.  Artists at the studio’s Bangalore studio took more than 100,000 photographs of real locations in the Indian jungle, and built a massive library of resource material that was then recreated down to the finest of detail.

These efforts are what that makes both the film and animated series worth appreciation. Jungle book was shot with nothing but created such a realistic outcome that it very successfully convinced the people to go and invest in this film which was only because of the earned reputation of the animated series. In addition to this, The Jungle Book earned a very good name in the VFX industry and became a sample work for the students in the VFX industry.

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