My Favourite Animation Series- The Road Runner Show

road runner fghtyj

Animation is one of the best mediums to educate and entertain the children. The effects of these animations also last forever on your child’s memory. It is true because, I do remember the animated series, which I used to watch as a kid. There are numbers of the animated series, which I grew up watching and all are my favorites, but today I would like to discuss The Road Runner Show. This animated series was one of the most hilarious ones among all.

road runner

The Road Runner Show premiered on television in 1966. It was a compilation of short classic stories. The protagonists were Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. The story was about a desert in South- West U.S., where the continuous struggle of Wile E. Coyote of catching The Road Runner (a bird) never ends. Coyote never succeeded in his attempt to catch The Road Runner, while the latter always succeeded in destroying the mission of his predator. Though the repeated episodes were aired on TV till 2001, the original series ended in 1973.

The first two seasons from 1966 to 1968 was aired on the CBS. From 1971, this animated series was aired on the ABC. This animated anthropology was aired without any cut on the ABC channel. The series was followed by two other stories, one of Sylvester and Tweety, while the other story had different cartoon characters. The plot of these stories was the same and based on prey and predator struggle for survival.

Chuck Jones and Michael Maltese were the animation creators who created these cartoon characters. Jones once said that he had created these duo animation characters as a parody of the famous cartoon series Tom & Jerry.  This was the reason why Coyote and The Road Runner’s fight for survival never ended.


The show aired on ABC till 2000 and later on Globe TV. The success of this animated series resulted in the making of various video games. In fact, 48 cartoons have been created on these duo animation characters, Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner. After the series, these two characters were made into seven 3D short movies, three of them were Warner Bros. Features while the others were released as a segment for The Looney Tunes Show.

Though decades have been passed and animation has developed tremendously since this animated comedy series ended, but I still prefer watching its repeated episodes again and again. The field of animation can be your destination and a way for a brighter future. All you have to do is choose an animation course from a good institute.


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