VFX Works Of Latest Movie Mohenjo Daro


Mohenjo Daro is a recent Bollywood movie featuring the superstar Hrithik Roshan and a debutant Pooja Hegde. Released in 2016, this movie is directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and is produced by UTV Motion Pictures. The movie is about the ancient civilization Mohenjo Daro. The whole movie was shot in Bhuj. It is a story of a man played by Hrithik who falls for a beautiful high class girl. The story of the movie required some really good VFX works as it was quite difficult to create the ancient period.


The main protagonist, Sarman in the movie goes to the city of Mohenjo Daro and is awestruck by the city. He intends to sell Indigo but is extremely disappointed with the tax imposed on the people by the city head. He leads a revolt against him and wins the girl who is already supposed to marry someone else. The movie reminds of the struggle between the poor and the rich.

This movie had some pretty slick VFX effects. The entire city was created with the help of sets and good VFX work. It was really tough to create a city from an ancient civilization as nothing much was known about the culture and the society prevalent at that time. The VFX work was done by Drishyam VFX.


The crocodile scene where Sarman kills it while crossing a river along with his friends is very well made. The angles used in the scene are perfect and is the perfect example of a good VFX job. In order to win back his love, Sarman has to face two gigantic cannibals in a fight. The experts have made those cannibals look larger and stronger than the hero. They look quite menacing. Another scene where the dam breaks and river floods the entire ancient city is very well made. It gives you chill when the river floods the entire city and destroys virtually everything. The VFX used is quite advanced in the whole movie. It clearly shows what a good VFX work can do for a movie. It required the filmmaker to do research on the topic for many years. The VFX work was looked by a famous VFX consultant Karen Goulekas.

Nowadays, it is possible to create anything on the screen. You just need to hire a good VFX team. A good story premise is also needed. The VFX as a career is in huge demand. If you want to be a part of this promising career, then you should opt for a good VFX course from a good institute with good faculties and placement opportunities. Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institutes in Kolkata offering VFX courses.

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