Remarkable Visual Effects used in Bollywood Movie Baahubali

Baahubali- The Beginning is that finest piece of Indian Cinema which cannot be forgotten in the years to come. This movie has set an example in the field of VFX and also established itself in the glorious 100 years of Indian Cinema. This part of the world will never forget this beautiful and extraordinary work of fiction by S.S.Rajamouli. In fact, there are some important facts about the VFX used in this movie, which are;


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  • The kind of VFX software used in this movie cannot be explained in words. The team which has made this movie possible was also a part of a recent Hollywood movie “The Jurassic World”. National award winner V.Srinivas Mohan along with the team of The Jurassic World has delivered such a masterpiece.

baahubali vfx1

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  • This is the first Indian movie, where 90% of the shots were created by CGI and VFX software. Around 4500 shots were a part of the VFX creation. Before this historical fiction movie, we have never witnessed such a work where the VFX has been used in such a big way.


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  • The pre-production work of Baahubali took almost one year. This was the first Indian movie, which took such a long period to plan all the VFX works. We can definitely imagine the efforts and hard work put in by the VFX team.


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  • It took around two years in creating the epic waterfall scene of the movie. A huge credit goes to Makuta for the creation of an enigmatic waterfall with the help of some technical aspects of Simulation and Fluid Dynamics in an advanced way to make it look real on the screen. In fact, the Mahismati palace, mountains and other background objects were the creation of Makuta with the help of different types of VFX in a more intricate manner.


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  • Baahubali- The Beginning has become a cult film of the Indian film industry. It took 800 plus VFX crew to produce such an extraordinary and innovative visual effects on the screen. Almost 850 crores have been spent alone in the creation of VFX of this movie.

baahubali waterfall

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  • Last but not the least, Baahubali is the first Indian movie to be covered on BBC channel in a documentary called 100 years of Indian cinema, before it hit the theatre.

We cannot stop thanking the whole VFX crew and the director S.S.Rajamouli for giving us such a unique masterpiece which has made the whole Indian film industry proud. In fact, this movie has made VFX techniques so popular among the students in such a way, that many career aspirants are taking up formal VFX training from different institutes.


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