5 Unknown Facts About Zootopia Animation

Directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush, Zootopia is one of the recent animated movies of Walt Disney production. Unlike most of the movie of Walt Disney, in Zootopia all the animals are living together and have evolved from the predator and prey environment. The protagonist Judy Hopps (a rabbit) is playing a cop and trying to maintain law and order in Zootopia while Gideon Gray (a fox) is hindering Judy’s ambition.

In the last few decades, Disney has given us a number of animated movies and with each passing day, the quality of animation has improved tremendously. There are some unknown facts about Zootopia, which are listed here:

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Different and unique species: Around 64 different and unique species have been created for this movie.  The animation creators have developed different types of animals, which are quite different from the real ones. For example, Judy being a rabbit, his upper lips are not split like the other ones in the real world. Elephants have trunks, while other animals have paws.

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Different types of furs: After creating unique animals, the animators worked really hard on developing furs on them. In fact, the animation experts have researched deeply and closely about the furs and its colors of the real animals to make it look real on the screen. If you watch closely, then you will realize that the polar bear’s fur was crystal clear as the animators claimed that it is the light which makes bear’s fur white and in reality it is transparent.

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The moving environment: If you have noticed then you have seen a moving environment in the background throughout the movie. The leaves of the tree and animal’s fur move continuously to make the presence of wind more visible on the screen by Renato Dos Anjos and his team.

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Lionheart character:  Did you know that the mayor’s character is inspired and developed from the protagonist of the movie The Lion King’s Mufasa. So, if Mufasa had crossed your mind while watching the mayor in Zootpia, then I must say that you have a sharp memory.

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Second longest animation movie of Walt Disney: Zootopia is the longest animated movie (1Hr 48Mins) after The Fantasia (2Hrs 6Mins), but we never felt any of the scenes in the movie exaggerating the plot.

The untold facts are enough to prove that the quality of animation has changed a lot and we are going to experience some more advanced techniques in the years to come. The growing field of animation has also opened up the opportunities for the animators. If you have the skills to create some innovative animation on screen then you can also be the part of this industry.

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