What are the Fastest Growing Career Options other than Academic Mainstream Careers?

Right after finishing 12th standard, the pressure of choosing a stable career starts looming over the shoulders of students. The idea that you can only be successful by taking up a mainstream course is dated. It is very ancient to think that the only potential career options one has are in mainstream degrees like engineering or medical. We live in the era of globalization where media is the king.

choosing a stable career

If you are someone who is looking for careers outside the circle of mainstream academia then we have some high paying and creative options in store for you.

#3D Animation – The Next Big Thing

3D Animation is one of the biggest industries in entertainment business. This multi billion dollar venture has millions of job openings in India alone. International studios have opened up their production houses here because of the cost effectiveness and limitless talented animators.

The Indian animation industry alone is responsible for overtaking films, TV and digital shows, advertisement, marketing, e-commerce and various other sectors. A career as a 3D animator is your gateway to success. It is 100% evident that if you study from a reputed 3D animation institute in Kolkata then nothing can stop you from having a great career ahead.

best animation courses

The digital space, too, saw a increase in demand for animation content recently with hit Netflix shows like Bojack Horseman, Guru aur Bhole, Rick and Morty making their mark on the audiences.

Animators are constantly getting recruited in a diverse field of industries across the nation and not just in media and entertainment. Here are some of the industries where you can work as an animator after completing your course:

• Digital Marketing
• Advertisement
• E-Learning
• E-Commerce
• Mechanical Engineering
• Post Production
• Medical
• News and Broadcasting

There is an abundance of opportunities in freelancing too. Big corporations are like Disney, Pixar and ILM are also outsourcing international projects to Indian studios and animators. This has created a wavelength of employment. There is an annual hike of 22% in this sector for jobs.

Clearly, a degree in animation would present you with a vivid number of prospects. But where should you get that degree from? Click here to find out about the best animation courses in Kolkata.

#Graphics and Web Designing as a Career

Graphic Designers get paid to express their creativity and follow their instincts. It is the dream job everyone hopes for. Turns out, you can live your dream and get paid doing the same. Designers are the backbone of this modern digitally driven world. These days, we literally rely on websites and visual images (digital or print) for every single information.

Every design project from a small flyer to a major advertising campaign on Facebook has the potential to make a difference. If you have a knack for creativity and envision a career for yourself making interesting visual content or designing new websites, then this is the right calling for you.

best animation courses

As mentioned earlier, graphic and web designers are an important entity in the world of advertising and information. They are required in all types of companies, firms and institutions to design their banners, posts and ad campaigns. Designers even get recruited in government organizations for creating information posts and redesigning their websites.

There are a lot of opportunities for graphic designers to work as freelancing artists. Some designers even set up their own agencies using their artistic and creative skills to promote their own work.

Graphic designers are and shall always be in demand. The numbers of in-house designer jobs have increased drastically in the last few years with companies investing in their own growth. In addition to that, talent and creative agencies are always on the lookout for new designers.

The sky is the limit is you are dedicated and wish to make graphics and web designing your career.
Enrolling in a good graphics design course in Kolkata is your opportunity to learn the craft of design professionally and become a pro.

Spread your wings and let these creative career options take you to greater heights in your professional life.

All he best!

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