Is It Possible To Run A 3D Animation Company At A Low Budget?

“Money is never the hurdle to a business, your determination is.”

Animation has come a long way from being the black and white Disney cartoons to being used in literally every advertisement, film, and e-commerce website. Animation content is a multi-billion dollar industry expanding across more than just the media and entertainment sector.


Source: Google

A large number of big business investors and tycoons are investing in production studios seeing the growth spurt. Indian animation studios are generating ten times the revenue they did a decade back. It has been one of the most successful ventures to opt for. No matter in which part of the nation you are, there are always ample amount of opportunities and prospect for you to excel there.

Running a 3D animation company in Kolkata needs vision and nothing more. One can very successfully fulfill their dream once they complete an animation course in Kolkata. This city has been the central focal point of success and innovation. Any form of creativity and art has the open freedom to prosper in this city. Kolkata, being the hub of animation has always propelled artists and fed the desire f the audience who craves all forms of entertainment. Whether it is cartoons, films, independent projects, advertisements or entrepreneurial animated firms– they have all gotten the opportunity to become their best form.

Academic sectors like e-learning require the assistance of 3D animation to produce online courses and study material for students. E-learning chapters are designed by animators who are skilled and talented. Then there are medical institutions and mechanical engineering offices that also require animators to design a lot of their modules. Other than these, there are marketing companies who hire animators and professionals to make their ads, banners, and all other content. Animated films and cartoons are the most prolific field where these talented professionals are forever required.

Websites and applications simply cannot germinate their innovations and creative corners without some input in the field of animators. Those are also some of the places where they are hired constantly.

So, you are having over 38% expansion in the scope annually. That is clubbed with the three-fold increase in employment opportunities. In such a media consuming environment, you really cannot go wrong with any budget. Whether you start small or big, your company will be a success if it is focused on producing quality content. Running a 3D animation business is no big deal with a small budget. Tiny steps and small beginnings are just fine. Work on the quality and techniques of the craft. that is the biggest game changer. The level of your creativity will take you ten times ahead from where you began. Follow the trends and find out what the audience really wants and appreciates. That will shape the course for the success of your company.

In addition to all that, the current scenario of the market is completely dominated by media and entertainment. Nothing quite sells like a piece of media which is of the top-notch level. The people crave fresh content and they are very appreciative of the same. A lot of digital media creators and Youtubers have created a fully fledged career for themselves with the same.

In conclusion, you really do not need to concern yourself with the budget or the money you invest but rather on the work. Innovation and quality are the final determinants which will take you further in your quest for success.

Good Luck!

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