Hi-Tech Animation Hero: Manju Kumari Gupta

Manju Gupta

Manju joined Hi-Tech Animation training institute as a student of 3D animation in 2017. After successfully completing her course in 2018, she has joined Hi-Tech Animation production house as an intern.

We asked Manju the Hi-Tech Hero question – how has Hi-Tech Animation been an inspiration in your life?

Life before Hi-Tech Animation –

Immediately after completing my high school, I was searching for a professional course to enroll in. While exploring several career avenues, I came across an ad of Hi-Tech Animation.

At the time I visited the institute to inquire more about the course, I had no idea about animation. After going through the counselling session, I was so impressed with the way everybody at the academy conducted themselves that I did not even visit any other institute for a second opinion. I joined Hi-Tech Animation right away.

Life at Hi-Tech Animation –

In addition to developing my core expertise with animation, I got the opportunity to learn many other domains such as Photoshop, Rigging & Modelling. This has proven to be immensely beneficial now that I am on the job & applying my skills to an array of different projects.

The practice sessions were really helpful. Whatever we learnt in theory in the classes, the opportunity to actually experience it in person drove the point home.

Life right now –

I have only recently joined the production house as an intern so its early days for me. Having said that, I must admit that the transition from student to an employee has been really smooth for me. For that, I am indebted to my teachers at the institute & my manager in the studio who have guided me every step of the way and cushioned me from feeling anxious or unsure.

I feel lucky because some of my friends who are also entering their work life just like me have not been as fortunate as me.


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