Cartoon Network Mobile App Launch Epitomizes The Accelerated Growth Trend Of The Animation Industry

Toddlers & children of today are no longer limited to the medium of television when it comes to their entertainment & viewing pleasure. 24X7 kids’ network & channels aside, children today have ready access to tablets, iPads & smartphones of which they make full use. Be it YouTube, Facebook or any of the myriad online engagement platforms, kids can now access limitless content of their choice on the tip of their fingertips. Harnessing this invaluable marketing insight, one of the most beloved names in the gamut of kids’ entertainment, Cartoon Network has come up with its latest offering – Cartoon Network Watch & Play.

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CN Mobile App


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CN Mobile app for ios

This service is in the form of a mobile application or app that tested to resounding success during the beta phase where it built a large base of fan followers.

Powerpuff_Girls image
PowerPuff Girls




Johny Bravo Image
Johnny Bravo


Dexter’s Laboratory image
Dexter’s Laboratory

Mindful of the short attention span of its key demography, the network plans to showcase its most classic & iconic cartoon characters such as the Power Puff Girls, Johnny Bravo & Dexter’s Laboratory in the form of micro-burst animated videos that last anywhere between 10 – 20 seconds each. Additionally, the app will also feature exciting games tailor-made for its youngest viewers.

Cartoon Network has left no stone unturned to ensure that its young viewers are entertained in a wholesome fashion without risking any exposure to any form of inappropriate content. To ensure that the kids make good use of the uploaded content, the app has been designed to have a user interface that is extremely child-friendly. It is very safe & secure so parents can heave a sigh of relief when their kids are using the app.

By some estimates, the global mobile app industry is expected to generate almost USD 200 billion by 2020. India is the fastest growing market for mobile applications in the world.

The animation & VFX industry in India is expected to grow at a thunderous pace to INR 113.6 billion by 2020. Multiple factors are driving this phenomenal trajectory.

As already discussed, there has been an explosion in demand for animated content in India, especially for 4 – 14 years’ age groups. Television channels such as POGO, NICK & Cartoon Network (just to name a few) have witnessed an unprecedented proliferation of cartoon content such as Motu Patlu, Chota Bheem, Ninja Hatori etc. This has led to an exponential need for the indigenous production houses & studios to deliver on their word.

Secondly, global powerhouses such as Sony, Marvel & DC are waking up to the realization that top Indian animation houses possess the raw talent to produce work that is not only of superior quality to their western peers but can do so at a fraction of the cost. For example, the famed dragons of HBO’s Game Of Thrones were created at the Method Studios of Mumbai. The same studio worked on the Marvel projects of Infinity War & Black Panther.

A full version animated feature that costs anywhere between USD 70 to 110 million in the US can be made with same, if not better, quality in India at a cost of USD 13 to 22 million – a reduction of cost by as much as 80%!

Third, the advent of a plethora of streaming services like Netflix & Amazon Prime has led to increased demand for quality & original animated content for the adult as well as the younger viewers. This particular factor is largely the driving force behind the growth spurt of small to medium-sized animation houses.

If the industry is vibrant & thriving today, the future promises to be even brighter. Notwithstanding the likelihood of demand from the already established revenue streams sky-rocketing, new technologies such as Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality herald the dawn of a new age in animation we have not witnessed yet.

All this leads us to the inevitable conclusion – the demand for quality animation studios & quality animation artists will continue to grow at an accelerated rate in the foreseeable future. So, if you are an entrepreneur bitten by the bug of innovation or a young aspirant fancying a career in the digital arts (or both), now is as good a time as any to pull up your bootstraps & head for the best animation training institute that you can find. All the very best!


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