Dream Big to Grow Bigger


Graphic design

Hi-Tech Animation arranged its quarterly seminar of Graphics & Web Designing at Hi-Tech Animation Topsia campus where more than 250 students from all different branches from across the city and outskirts came under the same roof to be addressed by three brilliant mentors.

Mr. Manish Sethia, CEO and Director of hih7 Webtech Pvt. Ltd- a professional website development company is a leading provider of Information Technologies & Consulting services; started the workshop by interacting with budding designers of Hi-Tech Animation as well as sharing his experience about the Industry.

Hi-Tech Animation

He specifically emphasized on the growing demands of Animation and Designing industry and also hinted at the procurement of more talents and creative individuals in various other industries which are not directly linked to a production or a broadcasting house.

Sumanta Banerjee

Mr. Sumanta Banerjee- Head of the Department of Graphics at Hi-Tech Animation addressed the students about the entire concept of Graphics and Designing. It was a treat for the students who are mostly used to being addressed or taught by their faculties to actually be in an actual interactive session with a Head of the Department.

He spoke about his knowledge on Graphics and Web Designing as well as trends that are being adhered to by the current industry standards. His technical knowledge has helped students to pick up the best practices while actually working on their own systems and projects.

The real cherry on the cake was the last briefing from Mr. Indranil Roy Sharma who himself is a former faculty of Graphics & Web Designing at Hi-Tech Animation.

Indronil Sharma

He showed the various work samples to the students, made out of everyday junk that we usually dispose of. Recycling being the global priority in 2018, Hi-Tech Animation inspired hundreds of students in the seminar today thus adhering to their mission statement of making this world a better place to live in.

“Present generation is missing the originality due to overexposure to media and technology, at Hi-Tech Animation we try to instill that sense of originality in our students through their designs and concepts.”- Indranil Roy Sharma.

He insisted students to think out of the box as it is the key element of all animators or designers. Original ideas are the only channel of a relevant future in the field of graphics and animation as this is the only way new concepts can arise.

He also suggested the students move out of orthodox computer software based notions of work and come with anything which can be striking in its own form of design and structure and can be a work of art or display.

According to the organizers, their upcoming workshop will actually have the students creating their own stuff based on their own ideas and will also be able to see the process of designing utility things with reusable junk!

Hi-Tech Animation with its own production house has always nurtured their students to empower their lives through best quality training and placement opportunities.

Academic seminars at Hi-Tech Animation has always been inspiring students to bring out their best potential and creativity.

For more details about Hi-Tech Animation, visit our website: www.hitechanimation.com


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