5 Super Advantages of completing an Animation course in Kolkata

Animation training courses in Kolkata are getting such a vividly positive response that we cannot help but talk about them. Over the past few years, they have become the light of the education sector. As students become more experimenting and creative with their talents, it is no longer a secret that people are persuading animated graphics.

Multimedia did not have such an immense reach as it has now. If you are a student who is wondering is animation is the right choice for; then you will not wonder anymore. This article will help you better about the subject. It is good to be well informed before pursuing something. And if you are clueless like a puzzle, then stick around. Who knows you might start liking the creative arts and technology too.

Here are the five super awesome reasons!!!

  1. Over 45% Annual growth

Animation industry growth

I bet you if you can pick any other industry in media and entertainment which has such a voracious growth structure. The animation industry has shown the most prolific growth over the past few years. Not to brag but it is assumed to be the fastest and most astonishingly productive industries of all. It has become one of the most expanding and unanimous fields of talent.

  1. Gives you a blank canvas (literally!!)

It doesn’t matter if you do not hail from the creative arts or media backdrop. Learning Animation in Kolkata can be a whole fresh start for your career. It is not necessary that you need to know drawing for being an animator. It is all digital, therefore, you will be taught everything from the very basic and scratches. There is no requirement to have pre-knowledge about anything. Over the last decade, we have met people in Kolkata who did not even know how to start a computer. And today they are working at prestigious positions in different studios earning a handsome wage. Oh! That gets us to our next point.

  1. Has awesome salary options

Animation Salary

Being an animator is one such job where your pay will be determined on your skills. If you prove to be a good animator then within just a few years you can start earning five to six-figure salaries. Now, wouldn’t that be an awesome thing to do? This is primarily because of the increase in entertainment demand. Studios and production houses are popping up every now and then. And they are all in dire need of talented animators. In addition to this, foreign studios are outsourcing jobs in India by opening up franchisees here. In conclusion, there is literally no deficiency of any kind of employment issue in Kolkata.

  1. This is the creative capital

Kolkata is the creative capital of the nation. Our city cannot survive without creativity. And if globalization tells us anything it is that animation is the utmost form of art this generation can appreciate. Take the example of YouTube for instance. A lot of top YouTubers are animators. They have created a million dollar entrepreneurial empire just by learning how to be a good animator well. This was just an example of how much potential is out there. That is one of the primary reasons why this field is increasing so fast.

  1. It has started with a B.Sc degree

Earlier one might not have taken a learning certificate casually but you cannot say the same for a B.Sc degree in Animation and Multimedia. Once you are certified personnel with a three year course, the gate of opportunities will open right for you. Not only is it beneficial in making a golden career but also giving you the professional learning that you aspire for.

With opportunities such lucrative, you really do not want to miss on a career this awesome.


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