The Future Of Animated Series In India- Growth And Prospects

The Indian animation industry has come a long way from the day when the first animation movie, The Banyan Deer was released in 1957. People don’t look down upon us as mediocre animators anymore. Many famous movie`s animation or special effects are done here in India. Life of Pi is one such example. Animation is a huge untapped market, which is in developing stage. It needs to be carefully guided or else it will fail in spite of having brilliant technicians, as it did happen in the Philippines. Animation is an art which requires hard work and discipline

Earlier the quality of the animation in India was not up to the mark. The number of releases was also very less. The animation level has gone up and is now at par with the world. We are now witnessing an increase in the number of animated movies and Tv series. The market for it is quite huge. Children are not their main audience anymore. The masses love animated series. Chota Bheem, Little Krishna, Motu Patlu are some of the recent successful animated TV series. One can clearly say that gone are the days when only foreign animated series would run in India.

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In the late 90`s, the children had few options when it came to animated series. But, now the time has changed. They have many channels to choose from for watching animated series. They are the king of the market as they are spoilt for choices. There is an intense competition in the market for TRP`s. Every now and then, a new animated series comes up. So, the people concerned have to innovate and come up with suitable changes in their series.

There are few concerns for the Indian animation industry. It takes a while for an animated series to get a following. The production company should give it some time. The animation sectors require tax exemptions which will help them financially. With ever improving animation quality, people are slowly but steadily getting attracted towards the Indian animated series. The rise in the number of satellite channels has certainly helped the cause. India has a very rich culture which is full of stories. This can be the untapped source from which many new series can be created. All it requires is a bit more organized efforts.

One can definitely say that the future of animation in India is bright and secure. There are huge growth prospects which should be milked properly. With many big corporate powerhouses investing in this sector, work opportunities with a good budget (which was a constraint) are coming up. It won’t be long when India will be a powerhouse in the animated series genre.

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