5 best websites for web design inspiration

From time to time, you will come across a website which will make you want to stop and check every single tab about it. Website designs are the most intriguing part of the representation and internet presence or any service or brand. For students pursuing a graphic design course in Kolkata, it is very important to take continuous inspiration. Looking and observing are two very important elements of learning new things.

Good websites make you want to interact with them. It gives a greater user experience to the audience. Just imagine that why would anyone even bother to click and stay on a particular page if they are not convinced about the idea.

Let us take a look at some of the best websites which have a stunning design and derive some inspiration. There are unique things to learn from all five of them.

  • Southwest Heart

Source: Southwestheart

Southwest is an airline website which provides all kinds of aviation related services. The website has been redesigned to give a clearer design idea. You can see that all the information is very neatly stacked and arranged. The color profiles are blue and white. The heart has been given the rainbow color of LGBT community which helps them attract a more holistic customer base. The power of simplicity and arranged categories is very well maintained in Southwest Heart. You can definitely derive that lesson.

  • Doodleodrama

Source: Doodleodrama

We love a strong creative presence on the internet. Doodleodrama is an illustrator and cartoonist website. It is headed by a self taught artist who does digital illustrations for various projects. Her art is authentic and raw. The most interesting thing about the web designing pattern of her website is the user friendly nature of it. Whether you access it on mobile or computer, the loading and viewing matter would be comfortable to the user. While designing you should always keep in mind the factor of different platforms and their loading factor. Homegrown and entrepreneurial platforms like such must motivate more students towards web design courses in Kolkata.

  • Magic Leap

magic leap image

Magic Leap is like a whole different universe. It has a very fluid web presence. You will find different web-based opportunities. It is the ultimate platform for digital creators to show their skills. Graphic designers would consider it heaven. You can learn a number of very useful lessons from it. It has to drop down and color combinations like no other. If you ever hit a designer’s block or find lack of creativity head to Magic Leap and I can assure you that a lot of your queries would get answered.

  • Lollypop

lollypop website
Source: lollypop

When you open Lollypop the first thing the home page would read is that- we are all about design. That must give you enough edge and idea regarding what this page would really be about. The conflict or rather the choice between single page and multiple page websites is not new. Lollypop has added tabs both horizontally and vertically. There are multiple pages for each. It is smooth and has one of the best UI and UX experience ever. By looking at their website you can understand that their services are no less than perfect.

  • PayPal

Paypal Cover Image
Source: PayPal

PayPal is a global money transferring and payment platform with very good popularity. PayPal has inculcated all the descriptions and steps about using it in such a cordial manner. You will not feel like you are reading a manual. It has also stressed highly to highlight the partnerships and business relations created otherwise.

We hope that looking and studying these websites helped you get a better perspective about designing. If you have any more in mind then feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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