What is Editing Punctuations?


Traditionally, a cut joins two shots in a continuing action, a fade signals a change from one action to another and an effect makes either type of transition purposely calling attention to it. In a cut, the first frame of a new shot directly follows the last frame of the previous one. Grammatically, a cut is like the space between two words: a division between units of meaning that signals no change at all.

Video editing has many a key aspects which make the entire craft worth the appraise. New words are born through necessity and innovation — new words and new ideas. This is also true for the language of editing. Since the birth of film we’ve seen filmmakers create new ways to express that which was, at the time, incommunicable. While learning through the video editing course in Kolkata you will get into the details of editing punctuation and learn more about it. The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room.

Editing punctuations is one of the most important key elements that you will be learning throughout the video editing course. The method works equally well if you reverse it so that the outgoing cup ends on-screen and the incoming cup starts off-screen. And when you have a really difficult edit, try both at once: finish the outgoing and start the incoming shots with empty screens. Video editing has numerous aspects to be learned and selecting a video editing course is the best option for you to learn and get equipped with the craft.

These expressions form a kind of language unique to editing, statements that communicate to the viewer something that is important to the narrative and add to their understanding of what’s going on on-screen. Basically visual punctuations are transitions that we see on the screen in terms of change of sequences. Video editing course in Kolkata will give you a professional approach to these terms and their techniques. To the most primary level you must know that video editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work. Editing is usually considered to be one part of the post production process — other post-production tasks include titling, color correction, sound mixing, etc.

Now, it also to be understood that video editing has many a flexible concepts of which editing punctuation remains to be the primary element; it is to be skillfully implanted in the shots.

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