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All you need to know about web designing

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What is web designing?

A website consists of certain number of web pages which one can find on the internet. In the digital age every single business or brand service requires a website. A website designer is responsible for designing websites. It is not just the technical aspects that a web designer works upon but it has everything straight from color coordination to optimization. The designer has to make sure if the website open easily and faster.

What do designers do?

Keeping the client’s demand and requirements in mind designers are supposed to make websites accordingly. They meet up with the clients and other members of the team to discuss the kind of website they are seeking. Website designers use software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design websites. A designer needs to master these skills with a web design course. By acquiring training in website designing one becomes perfect in this art.

Website designing is all about creating such attractive pages which will get more visitors. However the aim is not just to get more visitors but also make them stay. Keeping the visitors glued on the website is the next task. One needs to make sure that the website is attractive and informative at the same time. Keeping the variation of the audience and their requirements in head web designers precede with their work.

It is essential that designers stay up to date with the latest designs and happenings of the industry, in this way they will be able to work on newer and better designs. Every other day new apps or websites are popping up making the world of websites even more happening. Website designers have tremendous communication abilities. They understand their clients and the message they are trying to convey through the websites. There is a lot that depends upon the website. After all it is the first impression that is made on the audience.

When people visit a website, if it is slow or dull or complicated then no one will bother to bat an eye over it. It is the website designer’s responsibility to create an aesthetically pleasing website which also runs efficiently. India is a growing market and has budding websites all the time. The scope of web designers is immense. A career in web designing will open innumerable door of opportunities for you. Go ahead and join a web designing course straight away.


Why is a scene shot with green screen for adding special effects?

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You might have seen in the behind the scenes pictures of numerous films and shows that the unrealistic scenes or dummy are shot with green coloured backgrounds. Have you ever wondered why the background is green and not any other colour such as red, pink, purple or white?

Green is the go-to colour because it is indifferent to nature. It doesn’t match any hair colour, natural skin colour or body part making it easier to edit. In this way, no part of the human body is edited out in the chroma key. However, if a green costume or prop is required the green screen is replaced with a blue screen.

The colour green is pretty odd and stands out. So if the actor is wearing a pink dress in front of a pink background then the chroma key while replacing the background with an image would pick the dress’ colour to replace as well. Green screens are also more commonly used because of the colour green being the highest luminance among all the colour channels (RGB).

Nowadays blue screen is used in place of green screens because blue is a much softer colour. They are easier for chroma-key too.

The shooting of blue screens and green screens differ on the basis of what is in front of the screen. You cannot shoot a green parrot in front of the green screen and similarly, you cannot shoot the blue avatar characters in front of blue screens. Like when they shot Green Lantern or Hulk they definitely used blue screens. It is always good to have options in handy. Use of chroma key is taught to you in visual effects courses.

In post-production studio, VFX artists use chroma-key to edit the screens and replace them with required background and images. The dragons on Game of Thrones are nothing but props with green coloured wraps. They later appear on the screen as dragons carrying the Queen of seven kingdoms.

Now that you know the real reason behind adding the green/blue screens for special effects it is no more confusing why other coloured backdrops are not added.


Black Mirror’s VFX is to break all records

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While the youth can’t stop binge watching TV shows, Netflix released the most anticipated show of all time. Black Mirror is the new hype in the town. It is basically a science fiction anthology television series created by Charlie Brooker, with Charlie and Annabel Jones serving as the program show runners. It examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.

With the combination satire and anthology, Black Mirror is something that will boggle your mind for sure. A lot of episodes in this series showed some explicitly manipulated scenes. There was this one scene with a giant spider entering the room. That was all done with the CGI effects.

The special effects artists at the Painting Practice, an England-based VFX house, and the London branch of Framestore, this horrific creature makes its appearance halfway through the episode, which takes place in an immersive virtual world designed by a video game company. Not just this but the other scenes are equally mind boggling.

Black mirror has become an epitome in the visual effects industry. All the shackles associated with the visual effects in TV series got destroyed with this show. The trailer for this latest season showed all the important events of past years and its impact.

Critics also agreed that Black Mirror had some kickass work done in the episodes. The show began with a whole dimension on a different level. In addition to that, it needs to be understood that Black Mirror broke all the pre conceived notions that TV shows don’t work enough on visual effects.

A satire like this with production quality like this is sure to create buzz of this extent.

Why you should choose Hi-Tech Animation for graphics designing course?

What is graphics designing?

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From the complicated symbol of bands to simple logos of IT companies, graphic designers create everything. Graphic designing is a visual art of communication. With the help of various tools, designers create posters, advertisements, banners, logos, campaigns etc. in the digital world where designing is literally everything. We communicate via these designs that we see every other day. Graphics designing accumulates for a way of connection from the service to the target audience.

Why pursue a career in graphics designing?

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The question should be, why not? The planet has succumbed into a global village making advertising and marketing the new player. Be it education or IT, marketing or business; everywhere you will need graphic designers. It is a very lucrative career option at this juncture. Pursuing a career in graphics designing will give you the most creative and progressive position. Graphic designers are paid a very good salary once they become experienced.

In simpler terms, a career in graphics designing will shower you with the scope of growing and learning more all the time. You will get to invent your imagination and get paid to do what you really love.

Why choose Hi-Tech?

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Like said earlier, the question should be why not? Hi-Tech Animation‘s graphic design course is among the best courses of all time. Hi-Tech believes in letting students discover their own potential and allowing them to live their dreams. We give amateur designers the best training in the entire industry so as they flourish as professional artists when they leave.

We also have a production studio of our own; to add we are the only institute with a studio of its own in India. Students at Hi-Tech learn better and are able to create better with their abilities. We give full support to each and every single student.

Our faculty includes the best professionals from the industry who have real-life experience of working in the industry. They are determined to leave no stone unturned to give the best education to our students. Our course modules are specifically designed keeping in mind the industry standards and job requirements; the curriculum we teach will enhance you in such a way that by the end of it you will be ready to conquer the corporate world. To know more about the complete details of this you can click here or contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Before you start animation as a career get to know about the syllabus a bit

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If you are reading this I would assume you are all set, to begin with, an animation course for your career. It is always good to have a head start. Animators are everywhere. Look around yourself; you are surrounded by films, advertisements, cartoons and creativity most of all. More than worrying about the best animation course your worry should be how you will be performing and delivering in that course.

This article will guide you through some of the topics that you will be learning in the course. The animation is a never-ending learning process. There is always scope to discover more. However, there are certain basic topics which are a must to learn.

  • History of animation

You cannot run a sprint if you do not learn how to walk. It begins with the small steps and then you go on creating the big blocks. In this module you be taught about the beginning of the animation, how it evolved, developed and came into existence. This module is mostly theoretical. It would be very handy if you study a little about the history and development of this subject.

  • Storyboarding

Remember how back in school you used to make drawings to tell a story, this is just the same. It is a graphic and sketch representation of how a video will unfold. Storyboards are created for every single character and scene that will become a part of the film. Storyboarding can be called the preview of the film. It will be an essential part of your learning curve.

  • 2D and 3D animation

An animation is an art of creating characters that are not static. Animated content is highly in demand in both the formats. The course will first teach you 2D and then the 3D animation will become the field of concentration. For this software like Maya, Flash and Illustrator will be taught.

In addition to these, there is CG concepts, Animatics, modelling, rigging and many more. The single most important thing about learning in an animation institute in Kolkata is to make complete use of it.

The animation industry is booming with success and opportunities. There is a huge employment drive in this sector. You must grasp all that you can from this course and land with a good job in animation. There are no boundaries to your strengths if you practice hard enough.

Oscar nominated movies for their highly creative VFX

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The Academy Awards nominations for 2018 are out and we cannot wait to see which film carries the Golden statue for best VFX. 2017 was the year of stunning visually aesthetic films. We saw some great performances with high-quality visual effects.

Although, it appears there is possible no competition to Blade Runner 2049. Visual effects artists John Nelson, Paul Lambert, Richard R. Hoover, and Gerd Nefzer are nominated for this particular film. They pulled off the most difficult thing in the history of cinema. CGI can add false backgrounds and create supernatural elements but this time they brought back a whole another character to life. Rachel in Blade Runner 2049 was a CGI recreated element altogether.

It appeared as if she hasn’t aged a day since 1982. And technically speaking the CGI version was a replica of her from 1982 only. The other films nominated for this year’s Oscars are Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Kong: Skull Island, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and War for the planet of the Apes.

The history of Kong’s CGI has been through all kinds of stages; right from using traditional means of computer graphics to moving forward to modelling it over the computer the Kong franchise has seen all kinds of transformations. Same goes for Star Wars: Last Jedi. The first Star Wars movie ever directed was filled with CGI fallacies but this film was a whole package of stunning art. This is that time of the year again when people start hunting for animation and VFX courses after watching these great performances.

If you talk about War for the Planet of the Apes, the film was literally shot in front of green screens and with people pretending to be apes. Actors often joke about how these days they do not need plastic surgery because visual effects do the trick for them. All these films nominated for Oscars have one thing in common; that is a bunch of people who are driven towards one goal of creating fantastic cinema.

If you want you can choose VFX training in Kolkata then go ahead for Hi-Tech Animation Kolkata and live your dream of having a successful career.

How was the animation of Simpsons done?


In 1996, The Simpsons became the longest-running cartoon show in the history of television. It outruns The Flintstones setting a new record. It is 2018 and to this date, people somehow relate to the episodes and find it amusing. Simpson memes and gifs are the new hip for millennials. The Simpsons portrayed all yellow characters who often indulged into dark humour. You do not have to be an expert in animation course to know the legacy of Simpsons.

Who would have thought that Homer, Marge, Lisa and Baby Maggie’s everyday nuisances with Bart would end up making them the favourite family of the decade? Animation director David Silverman who defined the look of the show went through every single storyboard of the cartoon before giving them the digital look.

According to Simpsons storyboard artist, Luis Escobar they wanted to create something a little out of the box. Storyboards are nothing but blueprints of the episodes.  According to a series of posts on Escobar’s blog about the animation of the show, the board is first reviewed, revised, and then sent to Fox for yet another round of notes.

The Simpsons characters use a hell amount of CGI. The voice over of these characters played perfectly with the kind of role David wanted people to see. In the case of animated films, everything is done by different animation artists. The layout artist, however, played the role of a cameraman in this case. He had to rig the designs and put them into the frames.

Arguably the most important job of the layout artist is imbuing the static storyboard images with performance. Right from the props, backdrop, emotions and staging fall into the hand of the layout artist.

Talking about Simpsons we cannot possibly sideline Akom. It is an animation studio in South Korea, located west of Seoul, and is to animate all of the frames between the drawings in the final reel delivered by the layout artists.

That is where the role of an animation academy comes next. A large section of creative youth got aware of the increasing multitude and growth of animation. They started enrolling in animation courses to pursue their dream career. Simpsons was not just another famous cartoon on TV but has placed a milestone in the history of cartoon shows.