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Comedy Scenes of animated movie “Underpants” that shows how Creative an animator can be.

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Captain Underpants are a 2017 comedy animated movie which has broken all glass ceilings so far. Captain Underpants was produced by DreamWorks animation. Following this project of DreamWorks we were gifted with unlimited laughter and humor.

The comic scenes of this film were good beyond comparison. We always wonder to what extend can an animation creator stretch their limits in creating awesome characters and this film justifies it all. You will be shocked to see the amount of creativity and imagination that has been put into this film. George and Harold play pranks and their failure is all we make fun about.

This film shows you that there lies no boundary when it comes to the work of an animator. This is one job where you can “literally” draw your imagination. Walt Disney once said in an interview that Mickey Mouse was nothing but his imagination and he did everything in his power to bring it to life.

In addition to all this, Captain Underpants before releasing promised to make the audience laugh their pants off. In no manner was anyone bored even for a second throughout the movie. That is the kind of effect an animator is capable of creating with his skills. A lot of animation movies are made these days in the industry and the audience loves it as well.

An average of 400-500 animators is required in the making of an animated film. That gives you a slight insight into the humongous scope of animation in the entertainment business.

Since you must have developed some amount of interest into the field of animation. Let us assist you with the top 3 animation course in Kolkata or the best animation courses in Kolkata. Kolkata is the land where art is sprouting every other day. A good animation course from the city of culture is ought to set your career for you.


Do you know the famous job sector where animators get placements?

It is no secret that animators have huge demand in media and entertainment industry. But do you know this not the only sector where animators can seek jobs from. We are surrounded by the domination animation in our day to day lives.

It is impossible to imagine it without the contribution of animators. Below are listed some of the industries or sectors where an animator can create a career for himself.

  • Production studios/ entertainment business

3d animation job in kolkata

Stating the obvious here. Be it films, cartoons, advertisements or reality television animation is required. Just think of the last advertisement you saw on the television. Had it been possible to make it that way without animation? No, right!

House full theatres in animation movies speak for the success animation creators enjoy working in the post production of animation movies. On an average more than 500 artists are required to just make one animation movie. Now you know of the wide array of opportunities that there are.

  • E-learning

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Websites like Meritnation, Byjus are just a few large platforms where learning with graphics is done. In many schools as well as in colleges students are taught with e-learning techniques for better understanding of the concepts.

Just like cartoons create a better impression on children similarly with graphics and animated content students tend to remember the subjects for a longer period of time.

  • Gaming

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Who doesn’t like to fiddle with joysticks and play video games? Not just that mobile and PC games require animators too. Just imagine a job where you get to make games all day and get paid for it. Animators in the gaming industry are very much in demand. 100% creative freedom and handsome salary; what more do you need?

  • Mechanical sector

In order to teach the engineers about working of automated parts and other machineries animated short videos are created. In this way a practical 3D view gives them an idea of what they are dealing with in real life.

These were just a couple of examples t show that animation is a very widespread occupation. There are ample number of 2D animation job in Kolkata and even 3D animation job in Kolkata available. Learn from Hi-tech animation and get 100% placement assistance along with in-house placement facility at our own production studio.

Do you know? Animation is not just about creating cartoons?

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What is the first thing that comes to your minds when I say the word animation? Isn’t it cartoons? It is pretty obvious considering the fact that cartoons are our primary source of animation knowledge. But just so you know the plethora of animation is so much more than that. This blog will tell you how much the skill of animation is required and how much in demand it is.

Where all is it used?

We have all seen the extended use of animation in animated movies, animated series and obviously cartoons. Animated movies are the new money making tool. Producers tend to invest large sum of money on the budget of animated movies.

Other than this advertisements and short entertainment clips in news channels also require animators. Animated content is extremely necessary for the advertising agencies. Think of your favorite ad; it could of a shampoo, a cream, an accessory or anything else. All of it has animation used in it to make it more understandable and easily read to the people.

Even in news channels some entertainment clips to keep the mood light. “Excuse me” is one such show which airs for short durations during the day on Zee News. Hi-Tech animation provides the best animation training course in Kolkata which has its own production studio as well. Hi-Tech is the creator of this show and provides regular animated content from their production studio (in-house).


Digital learning is the future. Websites like Meritnation, Byjus and many more have adapted to e-learning skills for better understanding of students. In order to make the students grasp difficult concepts e-learning with animated content makes it an excellent tool.

Many schools teach complicated science and mathematics topics with efficient animated learning methods.

Medical animation

To make people understand about the physiological and medical explanations of bodily functions this is used. An animated version of the diagrammatic representation will help you get more attention and more clarity.

Some other industries

Forensic labs, architecture projects and mechanical engineering are a couple more fields where animation is used.

So, if you were living with the notion that animation is used only in the media and entertainment industry then wake up my find. An animation course will open job opportunities not just in one department or any one field but numerous others.

Career that will become the face of change in academic industry

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Being a part of the 21st century’s academic structure we are no longer in the chains of old and stereotypical system. Even in 2017 (and 2018 in 2 months) a lot of people don’t realize how the academic phase is not the same as before. Earlier people didn’t have a lot of options to choose from making their career options limited.

Today sky is the limit. You no longer have to just decide between medical, engineering and arts. There is a whole other range of courses to choose from. If drawing interests you and creativity is your thing then a 3D animation course will be the best profession for you.

Though less talked about the animation industry is growing adamantly and is sure to become the face of change of Indian media and entertainment industry in near future.

An animation course will transform an amateur with potent skills and training to work professionally for the top media companies. The traditional structure of academics has been shattered and replaced by innumerable other interest based courses that students can choose from.

In today’s day and age you can go for any career you want if you have the drive within you. Determination and willingness will take you places. For example among the multimedia courses there are so many things that you can learn, for e.g.- 3D animation, VFX, graphics and web designing, film editing etc. If you wish to learn any of these skills to the best of your abilities then quickly enroll in Hi-Tech Animation institute Kolkata.

Over the past decade animation has made itself the most demandable and lucrative career in the entertainment business. It is not just an assumption but a solid staunch fact that in the upcoming year’s 3D animation will be the face of entertainment business. Just so you know about its reach mass media is even taught at high school level of +2 in selected schools.

Being a part of our 3D animation institute in Kolkata promises you a waiver of job opportunities and the best guidance. Our animation institute is the only institute in India with its own production studio. Our students learn from studio experience right in their student days.

Top companies where animators are placed by Hi-Tech Animation

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Why companies choose Hi-Tech Animation?

In this article we will guide you through irresistible qualities of Hi-Tech being the best animation institute in Kolkata. Hi-Tech animation is one of the leading animation institutes in Kolkata with 14 centers in and around the country. Despite the presence of numerous other animation schools most of the top companies prefer to select candidates from our institutes. These are some reasons why:-

Production studio facility

No other animation institute in the nation has a studio of its own. Being the only institute where the candidates get a good exposure to the world of post production studio while learning makes it an n added advantage for the companies.

So even before you start working we prepare you for the work environment you will be entering in the near future.

Industry linked curriculum

Our curriculum has been very professionally structured by experts of the respective fields making it the best for the students. a lot of thought and effort and gone into developing the course modules in such a manner so as that candidates learn to make the best of their potential and rise as successful artists by the end of the course.

This animation institute in Kolkata has a top to bottom revised curriculum that you trust upon for your bright future like many other have in the past.

Name of some companies

Just to give you an insight these are some of the top companies where students from Hi-tech animation got placed. Balaji, Lewis Berger, Ezone, Edit FX studios, MPC, Prime Focus, Red Chillies Entertainment, Zee Bangla, Digital Googly, DQ and so many more. Go check our website to see all the names.

The field of animation and VFX has expanded vastly and are one of the fastest growing industries in the entertainment world. It is an excellent time to be the part of the best animation institute in Kolkata.

Job opportunities in the media industries over other professions

Graphics design training program in Kolkata

The Indian Media and entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing industries. If you have always wanted to do something creative and be rewarded well for it then media is the best field for you. There is so much scope these days that the horizon is limitless.

Moreover, no industry in the entertainment business is deprived of growth and success. TV, films, animation, designing, publication houses, journalism are some of the sectors you can consider for a job. If you are interested in designing then we have excellent Graphic design training program in Kolkata for you. Our institute will help you learn the skills of graphics designing and mould you into a professional artist.

The thing with media industry is that there are no limitations to your job and creative freedom is maximum. This is something you certainly won’t be getting in other professional fields. There will always be space for you to learn more and create more. Your credibility will not be seen in the form of rote learning but in the form of skills you have.

There is an abundance of Graphics design courses in Kolkata that you can choose from but ours will prove the most beneficial for you. We will leave no stone unturned to craft you as a master in your art. With an industry oriented curriculum you are devised to learn all the essentials to the best of your abilities.

The epitome of development in media professions has always broken all boundaries and proven to be extremely creative every time. Over the past decade we have seen a storming change in the professional arena of media jobs. The number of employment opportunities has expanded at an unprecedented rate. Everyone has remained in complete awe because of that.

No other industry or job sector is as work friendly as that of the media industry. We have always loved and admired how the entertainment world looks from outside. It is now time that you become a part of this enthralling world. Look or our Graphics design training program in Kolkata and feel free to contact us for any query.

Top Animation Movies Close to Real Life Incident

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a family drama which is closely related to our real life family. I can say that it is an animated film mostly for the adults which kids can also enjoy. What kids will enjoy in this film is the beautiful stop-motion animation and its silly frolics. The movie is based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel, but director Wes Anderson turned it into a film with much deeper meaning, about thrashing masculinity and the effects of self-destructive behavior.

Waltz With Bashir

This film is an animated version of the real life experience of director Ari Folman about fighting in the Israeli military during the 1982 Lebanon War. Using rotoscoped animation to recreate lost memories, Folman blends reality and surrealist elements to paint a vision of war which we have never experienced before.  Surely we can say that it is a must see movie for any students pursuing animation courses.

Chico and Rita

Chico and Rita is a beautiful film which tells the story of a piano player and a singer.  The lives of both these creative people lead them through the ’40s and ’50s full range of romance and heartache. The two find themselves dealing with racism, drug, and politics (Castro’s Cuba). This classic film threw light into the then Cuban-life in gorgeous, clean, evocative animation, making the highs high and the tragic lows hit that much harder.

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is Japanese animation at its very best directed by renowned director Satoshi Kon. The film is about a singer who decides to become an actress and slowly enters into the dark, surreal world of her own ambitions. Unbelievable animation and a truly horrifying psychodrama play out, burning images into your mind like few other thrillers ever have.