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Some facts you might not know about Frozen


Disney’s Frozen was released five years ago telling us all that you do not need a prince to save you. All you need is determination and love and that will be the savior of everyone. Frozen was a very controversial film considering how it generated a huge fan base. The film recreated the love for traditional musical dramas. The film had various lovely interesting facts to drool upon.

Do you know where the name of characters comes from?

It is said that the names Hans, Kristoff, and Anna were all named after Hans Christian Andersen, the creator of “The Snow Queen.” Christian became Kristoff and Anna was derived from Anderson. Josh Gad who voiced the character Olaf said that there was a huge confusion till the very end about Olaf’s name.  But later on Olaf was finalized because it sounded cute and appealing.

More about the film

Frozen’s sequel is the most anticipated animated film in recent past. You might not know this but Idina Menzel was given the role of Elsa only because of her stunning voice. The movie got very good responses for the quality and standard of animation that it portrayed. All the characters were designed in a 3D yet very compelling kind of way.

The castle sequence where Elsa builds up a giant castle in the middle of the forest was designed specifically for the song. More than that scene it was confirmed that the song was to be there.

After watching this film people got interested in animation and a lot of them joined the best animation course for learning animation and exploring their creativity. If animation films irk you too for knowing this skill then you need to join Hi-Tech Animation in Kolkata for the best training that there is.


The animation of the beast in Beauty and the Beast was a combination of multiple animals

animation institute

Bill Condon directed the evergreen Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens. The film was released in 2017. It is an adaptation of 18th century fairy-tale. Earlier in 1990 an animated version of this film was made. Disney has always believed in recreating cinema in order to get the younger generation acquainted with old classics.

The film was a heartthrob work of animation and CGI. Top animation courses take it as an epitome of marvelous animated content. It might have crossed your mind what animal the beast actually is. It might appear as if it is a giant cannibal but all the features of its body are completely different from each other.

As depicted in the picture above you can see that the hair features are similar to that of a barbaric lion thus mane of a lion. However, the beard and the shape of the head resemble that of a buffalo. The brows are that of a gorilla. Belle insists on finding humane characteristics and humanity in the beast. She makes him realize that there is still humanity left inside of him. Keeping that in mind the animators have designed the eyes in the shape of humans.

The beast doesn’t have usual teeth but has tusks similar to that of a wild boar. Although, the overall body is in the shape of a bear. This accounts for the entire physical body. The lower body, i.e. the legs and tail are of a wolf. This beast is a clear example of how well coordinated a game of imagination can go. If you can imagine it, you can make it. That is what animation is all about. Enroll in the top animation institute in India for getting the best training and make your own characters.

5 big reasons to choose Hi-Tech for an Animation training course


After reading this article you will question why you haven’t chosen Hi-Tech already. Animation is the fastest growing sector with more opportunities booming up every single day. Hi-Tech realizes this changing trend of media world and gives an opportunity to all the students to succeed. We believe in moving forward with a prominent vision and success oriented goals. Below we have listed five reasons as to why you must choose Hi-Tech Animation for an animation training course in Kolkata:-

  • Production studio

Hi-Tech Animation is the one and only animation institute in India with a production studio of its own. With a capacity of 200 professionals this is a very large and functional studio. Hi-Tech is working towards increasing the capacity of this studio five times of what it is now in the coming years. Making content for regional and national channels, we are touching new heights every single day. The very famous spoof show on Zee News called “Excuse Me” is an original creation of Hi-Tech Production studios.

  • Best placements

No other institute will offer you in-house placements to the level as we do. Our placement training ensures that you are prepared for the corporate world. We deliver 100% placement assistance to all our students after the completion of their courses. Not just that the top students are selected to get placed in the studio itself. They do not have to worry about sitting in interviews. And as for the other students we will continue to place them with calls and interviews until and unless they are properly placed.

  • Live-project exposure

Creativity comes from within but it always needs a positive push. Hi-Tech Animation will give you that push from time and again. You will work on projects throughout the entire course duration. There will be more than enough projects for you to receive good exposure. Hi-Tech has undoubtedly the best animation training course in Kolkata.

  • Faculty

“Good teachers make brilliant students”

At Hi-Tech Animation we understand how important it is for students to receive good training. Our faculty includes professionals who have experience of working in post production of real life films. We train our students under such expertise faculty in the presence of production studios.

  • Efficient learning methods and good classrooms

We have left no stone unturned into designing an industry-oriented curriculum. Everything we teach has core relevance to the field. Our classrooms are well equipped with all the essential tools and computers. We have made it a point to imbibe all the essentials so that the learning of our students is not hindered in any manner.

How was the animation of Simpsons done?


In 1996, The Simpsons became the longest-running cartoon show in the history of television. It outruns The Flintstones setting a new record. It is 2018 and to this date, people somehow relate to the episodes and find it amusing. Simpson memes and gifs are the new hip for millennials. The Simpsons portrayed all yellow characters who often indulged into dark humour. You do not have to be an expert in animation course to know the legacy of Simpsons.

Who would have thought that Homer, Marge, Lisa and Baby Maggie’s everyday nuisances with Bart would end up making them the favourite family of the decade? Animation director David Silverman who defined the look of the show went through every single storyboard of the cartoon before giving them the digital look.

According to Simpsons storyboard artist, Luis Escobar they wanted to create something a little out of the box. Storyboards are nothing but blueprints of the episodes.  According to a series of posts on Escobar’s blog about the animation of the show, the board is first reviewed, revised, and then sent to Fox for yet another round of notes.

The Simpsons characters use a hell amount of CGI. The voice over of these characters played perfectly with the kind of role David wanted people to see. In the case of animated films, everything is done by different animation artists. The layout artist, however, played the role of a cameraman in this case. He had to rig the designs and put them into the frames.

Arguably the most important job of the layout artist is imbuing the static storyboard images with performance. Right from the props, backdrop, emotions and staging fall into the hand of the layout artist.

Talking about Simpsons we cannot possibly sideline Akom. It is an animation studio in South Korea, located west of Seoul, and is to animate all of the frames between the drawings in the final reel delivered by the layout artists.

That is where the role of an animation academy comes next. A large section of creative youth got aware of the increasing multitude and growth of animation. They started enrolling in animation courses to pursue their dream career. Simpsons was not just another famous cartoon on TV but has placed a milestone in the history of cartoon shows.

Ways in which an animation course will help you win the world

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Do you think that Aladdin or Genie just happen to come to life out of nowhere and become beloved animated characters. No. A troop of animators and VFX artists created these characters and all other characters that you know of.

Who are animators?

Often known as multimedia artists, animators create animated content for Television commercials, cartoons, animated films, graphics in big films like Matrix, e-learning and many more. With their skill set and knowledge they work on the projects.

Motion graphics have artists who like to work freelance and make their own content on YouTube and other platforms.

How will it help you?

Let’s get one fact clear. Animation is one of the fastest growing industries in India. It has elevated to become a 100 billion industry in 2017. Big producers and investors are willing to invest in production studios these days which is making it generate high remuneration.

Being a part of this dynamic industry will get you better job opportunities than the other sectors. Kolkata is the creative capital of our nation. The scope of securing animation and VFX jobs in Kolkata is extremely high. The so-called IT and medical sector has neck to neck competition for a decent paying job but it is not the same in animation industry.

You can make a great career out of the multimedia industry. Hi-Tech Animation offers you the best multimedia courses with 100% placement assistance.

You will have no boundaries

Animation jobs are not restricted to any state or nation for that matter of fact. You can go and work for international studios and production houses as well. In addition to that a lot of international production studios are outsourcing work to creative artists in India as well.

An insight of the demand

Do you have any idea of how much animators are in demand? Every animated movie requires over 400-500 animators and VFX artists.

The media and entertainment industry required hundreds and thousands of animators every year and not that many are produced. It is your time to rule the world. Go ahead and join Hi-Tech Animation right away for a bright future ahead.

Top Animation Movies Close to Real Life Incident

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a family drama which is closely related to our real life family. I can say that it is an animated film mostly for the adults which kids can also enjoy. What kids will enjoy in this film is the beautiful stop-motion animation and its silly frolics. The movie is based on Roald Dahl’s children’s novel, but director Wes Anderson turned it into a film with much deeper meaning, about thrashing masculinity and the effects of self-destructive behavior.

Waltz With Bashir

This film is an animated version of the real life experience of director Ari Folman about fighting in the Israeli military during the 1982 Lebanon War. Using rotoscoped animation to recreate lost memories, Folman blends reality and surrealist elements to paint a vision of war which we have never experienced before.  Surely we can say that it is a must see movie for any students pursuing animation courses.

Chico and Rita

Chico and Rita is a beautiful film which tells the story of a piano player and a singer.  The lives of both these creative people lead them through the ’40s and ’50s full range of romance and heartache. The two find themselves dealing with racism, drug, and politics (Castro’s Cuba). This classic film threw light into the then Cuban-life in gorgeous, clean, evocative animation, making the highs high and the tragic lows hit that much harder.

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is Japanese animation at its very best directed by renowned director Satoshi Kon. The film is about a singer who decides to become an actress and slowly enters into the dark, surreal world of her own ambitions. Unbelievable animation and a truly horrifying psychodrama play out, burning images into your mind like few other thrillers ever have.

What is Storyboarding in Animation?


A storyboard is a graphic organizer in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a motion picture, animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. The story-boarding process, in the form it is known today, was developed at Walt Disney Productions during the early 1930s, after several years of similar processes being in use at Walt Disney and other animation studios.

In simple terms a storyboard is a sketch of how to organize a story and a list of its contents. A storyboard is extremely helpful in order to define the parameters of a story within available resources and time, organize and focus a story, figure out what medium to use for each part of the story. Storyboarding is the most essential key feature of the entire animation procedure. It is the first and foremost solid step that is taken by the animators in order to get the animation started. More recently the term storyboard has been used in the fields of web development, software development and instructional design to present and describe, in written, interactive events as well as audio and motion, particularly on user interfaces and electronic pages.


Most importantly a storyboard reveals whether a concept will work or not. A concept is typically verbalized in a couple of paragraphs. A storyboard helps the client or the course owner validate whether the concept is working or not, and determine the direction the course is going to take. It provides a skeleton of the entire project that is to be prepared by the animated in the first place. Now, in addition to this we must get the fact that storyboarding will provide a proper framework of the entire coherent structure.

It is one of the founding steps that have to be followed by the animators in order to get the work moving ahead at a smoother and much confident pace. While you take up animation courses you will get to work with this procedural frame as well. Looking for an animation course in Kolkata is no toughie as there are a number of animation institutes in Kolkata that will help you master the craft and become a professional in the field.

In case of complex animations where it takes a lot of time and budget to develop the final product, it is always better to have an approved storyboard from the client in place. The storyboard helps to envision what the final product would look like. In the meantime, if the client decides to make some changes in the course, they can very well share their inputs during this phase so that it does not affect the production budget.