What is the Annual Salary of Graphic Designers?

Job description of a graphics designer

Graphics Designers create illustrations, logos and marketing banners for various companies and projects. Designers utilize their creative abilities to come up with new ideas each time. They have to make do with the different tools and software which enable their creative process.

5 Things That a Graphics Designer Should Keep in Mind.

  • Absorb the basics from a graphic designing course
  • No draft is final draft
  • Take inspiration from various sources
  • Plagiarism is forbidden
  • Trial and error is more important than you know

graphic designer

A graphic designer has the option to work in numerous sectors. Their job portfolio expands to a humongous extent. Everything from the print of your shirt to a multimillion-dollar logo falls under the realm of graphic designing.

Designers should have very thick skin as their work is prone to receive constant criticism from clients and company executives. Having said that, this is a profession where people get paid to be creative. You cannot say the same for a lot of other jobs. There is a great amount of creative liberty which comes as an added bonus.

Salary structure of graphic designers

Graphic Designing is a much spaced out career. There is an abundance of different ways to work your way up in this field. Therefore, the salary structure also varies from industry to industry. Even within the same industry, two companies would be offering different salary packages.

Salary Structure of Graphic Designers

The key is to keep working on developing your skills and make that the first and foremost priority. The graphics design courses you choose also have a lot to do with the career opportunities you get presented within your professional life.

Suppose your pursue graphic designing in Kolkata from a reputed institute like Hi-Tech Animation then obviously your job placements would be much better than that of other students in a typical institution.

graphic designing

The position of your work also has a lot to do with the salary structure. After finishing a graphics designing course, people start working in the following work portfolios:

• Full time employee in a company
• Freelancing
• Work for an agency part-time
• Start a design business of your own

Start a design business

Now, depending on some notable factors the salary structure is bound to shift.

• Experience
• Skill value
• Creative Assets
• What new you bring to the project
• Your value as a manpower

These are few notable factors which largely contribute to the salary structure of a graphic designer.


Graphics Designing is a largely prospect worthy course. Once you become a graphic designer, there shall be a plethora of opportunities available for you to pursue. The salary structure would increase with time as you garner more experience and higher skill base.

Graphics Designing

You just need to focus on working hard and becoming a good designer. The success would follow naturally.

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