The Scope Of Joining B.Sc In Animation After Passing Class 12

Now that boards are over and you are left with a wide number of courses to choose from, what is it you will want to pick? With so many degrees and courses flying around, it might get really confusing. We understand that and intend to help you select what will do the best for your career three years down the line. We live in a world of multimedia and entertainment. Advertisements, internet, cartoons, films, and videos control the world around us.

The most common thing in this entire circle is animation. B.Sc in Animation is your gateway to a prospect worthy career and a fulfilling future ahead of that.

Animation courses

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The scope of animation after 12th standard

The animation is a very lucrative career option. It is used in all the industries regardless of its genre and area of expertise. The most prominent ones are obviously entertainment and media. Here is a list of some of the departments where it is required at all times:

  • Films
  • Cartoons
  • Advertisement
  • Brand campaigns
  • Website design
  • E-learning material
  • Medical education diagrams
  • Mechanical system manuals
  • Public Announcements
  • Production Studios
  • IT companies
  • YouTube content and etc

These were just some of the most popular places where one would require animators. Being an animator comes with perks of itself. As an animator, your success depends upon the skills you are able to present. Skill-based industries need employees to be simply perfect at their jobs.

After completing your 12th standard selecting the path of becoming an animator is the most voracious and career driven decision. You will earn a good living parallel to doing what you really love. There are ample numbers of opportunities available in this industry. The placement rate goes up by 10% at least every year. The demand and supply crunch also plays a huge role in the increased scope. New studios are coming up in the city and producing new animated content very frequently.

With thousands of studios outsourcing their work in India, the statistics show a three-scale rise on the prospects. After completing your B.Sc you can work in so many different studios, companies, and industries in India and abroad. You definitely cannot say the same about every other training. Being an animator gives you creative liberty along with the promise of a bright future.

The prospects are wider than your thinking capacity. You will not regret selecting this career.

Excellent B.Sc animation colleges will provide you with a three-year course which will result in a certified degree from MAKAUT (WBUT) and placements. Click here to find one such great training option.

Comparison of animation with other courses to take after 12th

While the general norms of academics push people towards engineering after their high school, we will give you a more honest idea. Engineering has become so mainstream and generic that the employment opportunities actually shrink every year. While on the contrary animators receive an increment in job vacancies.

Also, engineers do not start with a very bountiful salary when compared to that of animators. Animators get more exposure and creative insight. They are not glued to a machine where they have no creative freedom. These professionals are literally paid to create their imagination and dreams. You cannot say the same about any other profession.

Therefore, if you are still worried about being an animator as a career then don’t be. We are assuring you a great amount of scope and opportunities which are available for students who wish to build a career in this field.

Other than engineering is you think of any stereotypical sector, it has successfully surpassed that beautifully administering a very positive response over the last decade. And since phones, internet and films are not extinguishing anytime soon; this field of opportunities is going to continue growing and expanding.

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