5 Things to remember while drawing an animated character

animated chracter

Character designing and drawing can be a really fun area to delve in. It is the literal methodology of bringing life to one’s imagination. We all know what happened when Walt Disney was set on drawing his animated dream. Let’s clear up a rumor first– you do not have to know drawing to make animated characters. You can be absolutely terrible at drawing on paper and still make awesomely animated cartoons. However, knowing how to draw with a pencil does give you an artistic flair.

Whether you are enrolled in an animation institute or not; it is about time that you take a look at these amazing tips. These tricks rolled up your sleeves will give you a better head start in the animation courses in Kolkata.

Let’s get started!

  • Create your character’s distinctive features first

In the process of designing your character, keep in mind to have all the distinctive features noted properly. Animation is the flowing and motion version of a still image. Therefore, all your projects must have a prominently distinctive feature set. Curating these distinctive features properly will give the scene a more holistic approach altogether.

Think about Simpsons, the creator knows he had to grasp audience attention by making something completely off the hook. This is when we saw bright yellow cartoon characters that are always seen with a weird facial structure. Similarly, you ought to create some distinctive features which stand out. That could be the color, design, body, sound, appearance or anything else which might strike your genius brain.

  • Prepare a summary

Whether you are making a feature-length project or just an animated short; it does not matter. You need to have a certain path and direction. Write all your thoughts and ideas and prepare a good summary of your final product. Once you have taken down the core idea into paper then you can start with the actual animation game.

Professionals always say that when you have a fixed plan to undertake, the end result is better. With direction and vision, you will be able to take upon greater strides.

  • Eliminate the thought of parallel lines

When it comes to animated characters, do not think straight. Have an open outlook and be hungry for creativity. Be manifested into discovering all different kinds of odd and ridiculous designs. That will give you inspiration. The reason we ask you to avoid parallel lines is that nothing in our body or in cartoons is 100% perfect. It is supposed to be juvenile and molding to give the audience a fun picture of the scenario. Bend and experiment as much as you want.

Do not stick to the general and usual norms of animation.

  • Managing the keyframes

Animation is nothing but putting a bunch of still frames to create the illusion of motion. With an increased set of software and tools, it has become easier to create. Anyone who has completed animation courses is capable of creating animated characters of their choices.

These keyframes are supposed to be exact and perfect at the same time. With the availability of so many resources, one can very easily manage these frames and create good content. However, while drawing them you might miss upon these. Always stay ahead of time to check these keyframes properly so as to avoid any future mistakes. Map out the timing add plan all your scenes beforehand.

  • Have a plan

By having a plan I do not mean the plan of the story or plot of your project. Rather I am stressing on the workflow pattern which you will be following through this drawing project. Have a good flowchart where you have dedicated certain hours to this project itself. That will surely help attain good results.

One thought on “5 Things to remember while drawing an animated character

  1. I am literally reading this over and over gain to regain all my lost motivation! Thank you for writing this so eloquently.


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