Job opportunities in the field of Animation and VFX in 2019

Animation and VFX in 2019

Animation & VFX
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2019 is turning out to be the year of developments in media and entertainment. With a continuous escalation in the field of digital networking and enlarged consumption of media volume, these subjects have established a very good position. Think of any film or video project which you might have seen on screen. It doesn’t matter if it is a Netflix show or a theatre film; it has a sufficient amount of animation and VFX content inflexed in it.

While analyzing the statistics it was concluded that over 45% of increase takes place every other year. This continuous growth has shown a twofold increment by the beginning of 2019 itself. The statistics clearly indicate the elevation of this stream.

Education has shifted its pioneer ship from being academic based to talent based. The value of skills and talent is given more importance than anything else. Mass Media is also taught as a board certified subject in many CBSE schools. Animation and VFX are the biggest pillars of multimedia in 2019. That parallelly makes it the greatest field to select for a career.

Evolution of Animation and VFX jobs in Kolkata

Animation job
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The prospect of animation courses in Kolkata has seen a massive rise in the past decade with so much migration of digital talent into this city. As the cultural capital of the nation, we have always been very adaptive to all new forms of arts and media forms. The same has been the fate of a VFX course in Kolkata. They have both been simultaneously escalating with their potential.

The girth of these subjects has a very high prospect value. New production studios are sprouting at an extensive rate. Their content is not only created for local channels but international platforms as well. International companies also outsource work to Indian artists and editors for cheap labor and their extensive quality of skill. That has also been a major factor in the generation of jobs this year. We can always see how students who complete a course in this field end up with jobs no matter what.

The founder of a reputed multimedia training institute once said that he does not know a single animator who does not have a job after the completion of his/ her course. He went ahead to say that any individuals who decide to be an animator cannot go jobless in this market. They are bound to get good employment even if they are decently good at what they do.

How much progress can we predict?

When people talk about the evolution of a sector, a lot of it is based on current analytics and predictions. No one claims to know the solid data input because the scenario might change in the future. However, the fear of circumstances changing is not something people need to worry about in this era. One can very easily make the prediction with a guarantee that animation and VFX will continue to grow and reach new heights every single year. You will never see it befall at any given point. Every single film, TV show, cartoon, anime or docu-series you watch requires an abundant amount of either craft we have been talking about in this article. It is impossible to make a film possible without the contribution of animators and visual effects. artists

Can you imagine a world where animated films and action films stop making? A world without an evolving cinema is a world with no digital communication. Therefore, make it a point to understand that these are very progressive courses which will determine an excellent future for you.

The employment opportunities are very high and will continue to grow throughout 2019.

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