Hi-Tech Animation Hero: Aniruddha Jana

aniruddha jana

Aniruddha joined Hi-Tech Animation training institute as a student of 3D animation in 2017. After successfully completing his course in 2018, he has joined Hi-Tech Animation production house as an intern.

We asked Aniruddha the Hi-Tech Hero question – how has Hi-Tech Animation been an inspiration in your life?

Life before Hi-Tech Animation –

I suppose I have always had a creative bent of mind. As kids, when I & my siblings or my friends used to watch cartoons together, I would get on their nerves to no end by asking a ton of questions. While they wanted to enjoy the show, even at that young age, I was more intrigued by the mechanism behind the magic of cartoons.

So, when I decided to pursue a career in animation, I began with a Google search query. Hi-Tech Animation was at the top of the results. Over & above the glowing reviews online, I also asked around about the institute to get a feel on the ground. I heard a lot of good things about its strong placement program & decided to join the institute.

Life at Hi-Tech Animation –

The faculty at the institute was really patient & understanding. We got plenty of opportunities to make mistakes & learn from them.

Besides me, there were 7 other students in the class. All of us became friends & we had a lot of fun spending time with each other. We used to watch movies together & eat out as well.

During my tenure as a student at Hi-Tech Animation, we had our annual picnic at Bankura. Teachers & students together had fun for a whole day & it was completely sponsored by the institute.

Hi-Tech Animation is not just all work & no play. In addition to rigorous classroom coaching & practical lab sessions, we also indulged in a lot of extra-curricular activities. In the one & half years that I was associated with Hi-Tech Animation as a student, we celebrated Teacher’s Day, Rabindra Jayanti, Holi & Saraswati Puja. I have fond memories of Hi-Tech Animation as a student – dance, songs, music & festivities. It was a happy place.

Life right now –

Well, the transition from a student to an employee has been smooth. Having said that, work-life brings with it its very own set of responsibilities & pressure. As a student, I was expected to be responsible only for myself. As an employee, I am expected to perform & deliver in the best interests of my organization.

I must admit that I am relishing the challenge. It is a very exciting opportunity for me & I intend to make the most of it.

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