Can you believe it??? He has turned 90!!!!!

The dearly beloved household darling who has been entertaining us since ages actually is getting older and immortal for us!!!

Very few people knew that the creation of the eternal celebrity anime Mickey Mouse was led to by another Walt Disney cartoon known as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit which was created by the legend in 1928.

Universal Studios distributed a series of cartoons in 1928 which featured the character Oswald. The character was originally created by Walt Disney and UbIwerks in 1927. It was the first Disney series featuring its own character.

A lot of the Walt Disney Studio expansion was possible because of the success it achieved through Oswald

The story goes that Disney had gone for an unsuccessful meeting with producer Charles Mintz who wanted to take the legal claims of Oswald to Universal Studios. Many of Disney’s animators were also leaving for Universal Studios around the same time.

While on the journey home from that fateful meeting, Disney got the inspiring idea to come up with a new character which would be legally associated only with his name. That character would be called Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse

As the dude turns 90 let’s get to know some lesser known details about him!!!


He was the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978!!!

Mickey mouse


The world has always wondered if Mickey and Minnie were ever officially married in any on screen episodes. the answer is- although they never got married on screen, Disney later confirmed that they were indeed husband and wife and decided to get married away from the media spotlight!!! Mazeltov!!!


The inspiration behind Mickey Mouse was actually a pet mouse of Walt Disney. He had actually trained the mouse in his studio to keep him company at work during his long hours at the studio!!!


Walt Disney had originally planned to name Mickey Mouse as Mortimer. The name Mickey Mouse was actually coined by his wife. The name Mortimer was later given to Mickey’s arch rival


Mickey only had four fingers. If they had to add the fifth finger it would have needed another 45000 drawings!!

Walt Disney was himself the voice over artist for Mickey till 1946. Mickey’s first words were “Hot Dogs!! Hot Dogs!!!”


The only animated movie featuring Mickey to have ever won an academy award was actually based on Pluto It was called ‘LEND A PAW’!!

Walt Disney received an Oscar for creating Mickey Mouse in 1933!!


So there are you go!!! Mickey Theodore Mouse was quite a celebrity in his days!!

And will be so for generations to come!!

Happy 90th Mickey Mouse!!! Hi-Tech Animation celebrates your legend as we try to learn from you!!!

Mickey Mouse Birthday


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