Pablo Picasso

The name Pablo Picasso is a synonym with the word art. Originally from Malaga in Spain, he was born on October 25, 1881. The extraordinary artist spent most of his life in France, an adobe of art and culture, after nurturing himself at art schools of Madrid and Barcelona.

Pablo Picasso Art works

His works through ages will be immortal to the human race. He was the founder of the Cubic movement, the form of defragmenting elements only to later fragment them through abstract designs to create wonders.

Such was the extent of his talent, that he had surpassed the mastery of painting and art, of his father at the tender age of 13.

Picasso stands apart from all renowned artists as his work has never been captive to one particular style.

He set distinctive style patterns in all of his different and unique periods. These periods were all various phases of his life.

The Blue Period, the usage of Blue and Cyan majorly depicting life issues such as poverty, prostitution and the suicide of his dear friend.

The Rose Period, in which, he used primarily orange and pink shades.

African Influence, when he dared to venture out of the traditional European styles and adapt Primitivism and abandonment of perspective.

The Cubist Period, of which he was the co-inventor.

His last stint of excellence was moving beyond his time and into Neoclassicism and Surrealism.

Pablo Picsso art

No artist in the history of time has ever achieved the same rung of global prominence or exhibited such phenomenal ambidextrousness as Pablo Picasso. A spirit which soared in the skies of freedom of expression and art, his eccentric style, and his complete apathy for the opinion of the general trends and critics made him an enigma and inspiration for artists in time immortal. He is undoubtedly the father of modern art.

Picasso’s exclusivity has inspired every major artist and art movement that has formed after his demise in 1973. His life had been a blend of awe and criticism and his works continue to be a part of intellectual debate and learning throughout the world.

Hi-Tech Animations, an adobe of Art and Creativity, celebrates the birthday of the master as we move forth in our path of Artistic expeditions!!!!!

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