Animation story of Guru Aur Bhole

About the show

Guru Aur Bhole is one of the leading animated cartoon shows running on the incredible famous channel SONY YAY. This cartoon show is currently the binge watch for kids. The cartoon series has two major characters Guru and Bhole. They are best friends who often find themselves in sticky situations and try to use their skills of singing and dancing to find a solution. They are always trapped in something or the other all the time.

You can also stream the adventures and funny incidents of Guru Aur Bhole on Netflix. Because of the funny nature and light comedy of this show; parents are also suggesting their kids watch this.

It is the story of an indispensable friendship between two people named Guru and Bhole, the primary characters of the show. It is set in a small caricature based town in India called Sur-Taal Nagar. By the ambience, we can make out that it is Northern part of the nation. Guru is the “musical genius” who has an undying love for music and his whole character revolves around it. Bhole on the other hand is a kind and helpful boy who will always go out of his way to help others. He doesn’t care if that might get him in any kind of trouble. His superpower is dancing. Using their talents and gifted powers together, they come out of difficult and sticky situations which are incredibly funny at the same time.

Tiger Shroff is the channel ambassador of SONY YAY and was present at the trailer launch of this show as well. The show has gained an immense amount of popularity in a very short span of time. The ratings on Netflix are also going in an ascending order as time passes by. The unique concept of mixing both singing and dancing to create such an amalgamation of talent has got the audience more mesmerized.

More incredible things about the animated series

guru aur bhole

There are more than a few things to drool over in Guru Aur Bhole. We accept that the storyline is amazing. But is that all? No! The animation, voice over, character designing and the list could go on and on. The character was created keeping a certain amount of resemblance with the famous legendary singer Kishore Kumar. Therefore, it was only appropriate to take his son, Amit Kumar as the voice for that character. Musical fans all across the nation were shook. Even the best animation courses in Kolkata took notes from this show seeing its immense amount of animation genius.

The quality of animation and screenplay were some of the other things that gained a lot of popularity among the people. The creators of such an animation craft are sure to get appreciated for the hard work and effort they have input into the characters and even the smallest of details. If you also wish to create such animated characters and intriguing concepts then get a hand of the course details. find out about curriculum, animation course fees and etc.

This cartoon has not just entertained kids but also people who belong to the young adult and adult generation. The music and dance elements make it a must watch for everyone. You can also save the episodes on Netflix to stream later on. In addition to that, you can also stream this animated cartoon on Sony LIV website in the SONY YAY section.

You can add this to you animation watch this for the holidays as well. Go ahead and start streaming it on SONY YAY and Netflix!


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