Beginners guide to learning 3D Animation

So you want to know the beforehand tips of learning 3D animation. A course in Animation and Multimedia might appear tricky in the beginning but they really aren’t. Like any other learning course, this one also comes with its own set of challenges. Since it is a rather multimedia world based course, not a lot of people know about it.

Therefore, I am going to tell you a little about the huge potential for career opportunities aligned with learning this subject.

Prospects of 3D Animation

Source: Google

If you thought that 3D Animation is in any way limited to just films and cartoons then that’s a huge misconception. It is a vast industry which encompasses every inch of not just the media and entertainment but the conventional careers too. Medical science, Engineering, research diagrams, architecture, advertising and etc are some of the other fields where 3D Animators are essentially required too.

The growth of this field has spiked from 22% last year to around 46% this year. The industry has become unstoppable. Production studios both in India and abroad are always keen to recruit new animators. Now that we have told you about the gigantic prospects existing within this field it is about time that you start getting to the guide.

Why read a beginners guide?

Let’s start with the simple universal truth: no one is perfect! In addition to that having an upper hand won’t hurt anyone. It will rather give you a stronger set of skills to work with. Without further ado let us get started with the key points which will help you excel in your career.

Learn about the tools

Learn 3D
Source: Google

3-D Animation involves a lot of colouring, sketching and editing with various tools on different software. It will be really handy if you learn the names and functions of the tools beforehand. This will give you a better curve to learn. Therefore, when you are in your introductory class you will already know the names of some of the tools and their functions. This will also speed up your learning.

Know about the course module

Visit the website of your institute and take a glance at the syllabus that you will learn in your class. Try finding out what those terms mean. I am not asking you to rote down the entire curriculum but just to get a vague idea regarding everything. That will also get you started with better grip and confidence. Possessing confidence is the key to excellent learning.

Watch animated movies

Now, this is not just prior to your course but must get carried throughout the learning period. The observance is an excellent way to acquire skills. When you watch an abundance of animated movies, it will give you an insight into different types of animated procedures. That way you will be able to have better designing prospectus as well.

Study colors carefully

Other than 50 shades of grey there are a million shades of red too. Colors are an indefinite arena of knowledge that all animators have to deal with. Finding the right shade for a picture or character is every animator’s struggle. Try identifying different colors and apply permutation combination effectively.

Ask doubts

This one is very important. Asking doubts show that you are getting invested in acquiring something. Ask any kind of issue you might have. That will give you a fresher perspective. Do not shy away or feel insecure while clarifying your questions.

Do not stress too much

Animation is one of those subjects which is fun to learn. You literally get to create your imagination for a living. If you love what you do it will not feel like work at all. Therefore, do not stress yourself even before starting your course. Follow the tips mentioned above and study will full dedication. The canvas is yours, create all you want.

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